Friday, August 29, 2008

Can you feel it?!

Thats right folks after MONTHS of being off the Bulls are back as are we! This weekend starts a new season for the Bulls and new trends for myself and B-staff we are going to be doing the best damn job we can to bring you guys all the news from the Bulls and around the sporting world so Like the side says grab that week old cold pizza and get ready for THE greatest time of year COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Go read my post about SERGIO! over at the carnival and for your viewing pleasure, Jessica.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Im not exactly sure what im watching here...and whats up with that kid asking the question with those goggles on in the dark?

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Epic Carnival post. An all sports draft and the top 10 picks. This would be very interesting if it actually happened.

Also props goes out to Mike Jenkins and Trae Williams, formerly bulls, now a Cowboy and a Jaguar. Good luck guys.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Just wanted to let you all know that I am also going to write for EpicCarnival once a week or so. I will be letting you know when I post on there but be sure to check them out.(I just posted one!) I know BullievableSports has been slow but don't worry. Once fall and college football roll around again, things will be smoother. Until then, the post will not be on a set schedule, just whenever we get a chance.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Kobe...a different kind of man

When I saw this the other night, I thought is was complete bullshit. After looking at it again, Kobe is the man!!

dude has some up, and some balls.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update again

I'm going back to sleep, the game is tied. 2-2 top of 6th. Update while typing: Manny just scored, Dice K in line for the win. Im in line for the nap before class at 11. And this chick is kinda cute.

Update- maybe I will keep him

Dice- K seems to be settling down. Whew, that start was something I don't want to remember. It was a little like this

still 2-0 A's but the Redsox have runners in position. Runners on 1st and 2nd, Papi up to the plate.

Live blog from the sox/oakland game (sort of)

Well its 7:20 AM eastern standard time. Let me say this, I cant believe im up. I have actually been up since 5:30. A trip to starbucks, $4 dollars later and a box of doughnuts and I was ready for the game to start. The Japan fans are weird, like they cheer for a pop fly. Dice-K is killing me, I have him in half my leagues and im contemplating dropping his ass. Dropping him like a bad habit. Its 2-0 A's. The guys at barstool have got to be pulling their hair out.

P.S. Bud Selig is getting interviewed and im pretty sure hes drunk. Too much saki last night me thinks

Monday, March 24, 2008

Somebody get this guy a scholarship

He's probably got a couple years of eligibility left right? This is 8'5" Leonid Stadnik worlds tallest man. Here are some pictures that look, well they just look stupid...

This last picture is his cell phone, no photo shop involved, thats an legitimate sized cell. Just imagine this guy with a basketball in hand getting ready for a cherry pick under the rim. Sexy.

cmon' Stan Heath, I know you are drooling over this man.

Wow he actually has a great idea?!

So Bullievable's favorite person in the whole world Dick Vitale or what he likes to say "Dukey V with a capital K" came up with one hell of an idea this morning on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning. he said that in this day and age players in basketball should not foul out but rather penalized he said that this sport is the only one that allows a person with a whistle to dictate the outcome of a game. He says that what every league should do is call the fouls but once they reach 6 each one after that when they foul someone the other team is awarded with their two free throws AND possession of the ball after shooting the free throws. later in the show Stephen A. Smith called and said he loves the idea as well. I personally have to agree with both of them I think that if I'm going to a game I would like to see the star play as much as possible. With this rule change the coach has his own decision weather or not to risk the two free throws and lose possession I personally would risk it if I knew it was my best player too. Let me know what you guys think about this rule change too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Attention: Ana Ivanovic to get sexier

Ana Ivanovic is rising to a new level of sexy. In the upcoming Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, she has agreed to make her skirt 2 inches shorter!!! Apparently this is in an effort to draw more men to the matches. I am pretty sure they will have great success with this attempt. (But if this doesn't work they can always play their matches wearing clear tennis dresses.) You know I have always wanted to go to a tennis match, this may have just swayed me. If Sharapova is there, im in.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Tiger Woods is stupid good

First of all let me say sorry. Sorry for taking a few weeks off the blog. It has just been super busy around here. I'm sure you know the college lifestyle. Anyways were back and rested, well sort of.

Tiger Woods is easily the best golfer of all time and maybe the best athlete of any kind. I don't care if you are a golf fan or think its a dumb sport or not, facts are facts. He is the best EVER. This weekend at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, he put on a show. One for the ages. Tiger was 7 shots back at one point in this tourney but thanks to a great weekend and a clutch putt on the 18Th on Sunday, Tiger tied Ben Hogan with 64 all time wins and continued to dominate. Tiger closed with a 66 on Sunday to edge Bart Simpson Bryant by one shot.

If Tiger continues this up the PGA tour is going to force him to play golf left handed. He would still probably make the cut.

Happy Green day everyone, were celebrating by going out and drinking. Plus its a 2 for 1 celebration with St. Patty's day and George's bday.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It feels good to be home....

Longest. break. from. posting. ever. And we are sorry about that B-staff is just getting over the flu and work is killin me. but heres a very talented guy playing the piano...leave a comment and tell me if you can figure out all the songs he is playing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Damn the flu!!

One thing about having the flu, you get to watch a lot of tv. I mean I have spent like 15 straight hours in bed. Today from my tv watching time, I saw Tiger Woods make a comeback in the accenture matchplay event that will be talked about for years to come. I Guaransheed that. JB holmes had Tiger down by 3 with just 5 holes left. Tiger started making putts from BFE and the rest, well its history. I also gathered that Shaq has been traded to the suns and he will suit up tonight against his former running mate KOBE and the lakers! So with that I found a little video on youtube for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, February 18, 2008

What the hell is Reggie talking about??

Reggie Miller is trying to cover up saying titty during the NBA All Star festivities this past weekend. RIGHT... I caught this as I was watching with some friends...I was wondering if I had "accidently" switched to some other show.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Am I the only one raising the red flag here?

OK after you watch this clip, you tell me if maybe something seems fishy. I dont know, maybe its the fact that she kinda looks like a dude, and talks a little like one too. But damn she can throw down. And she (he) is only 16 and 6'8?? I'm sure every college coach is talking to her, even the mens coaches. I did see Coach K walking around her high school last week, weird.

No, the writers strike didn't grab us too...

I have just been super busy lately with school classes and all the crap that goes with it. Plus I am playing soccer (or if your from the other side of the pond) futbol 4 nights a week. That is pretty much taking up my free time because when I get home from that I pass out. Anyways I promise we will be back soon enough...maybe something tomorrow, maybe later. Till then check out Ingrid Vandebosch from the swim suit issue...ggrrrrr. I envy you Jeff Gordon.

PS tomorrow night Maryland plays at Duke. I hope Coach K has the runs.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Attention Bulls Fans:

Yesterday as we all know was nation signing day for high school seniors and Juco college players to make their selection of where they will be playing football next season. This years recruiting class for USF seems to be a good one.
Some of the standouts we acquired are 4 star QB BJ Daniels from Lincoln HS in Tally. He has a great arm and is a dual threat QB. This will be a good fit for USF. He can learn under current star QB Matt Grothe and also become a challenger to him in practice. Competition is a good thing. Grothe is the starter, don’t freak out people but with Daniels now at USF, we can all feel better about the second option. Another star player we landed was JUCO player David Bedford. The 6'5 240 Defensive end is one of the top DE in this year’s class, and he still has 3 years left...Saweet!! He is expected to be a player just like George Selvie and play opposite him on the D line. This is going to be scary with those two out there...opposing QB's get your icy hot ready. I have heard that they could be the best DE tandem in all of college football this year. Kion Wilson was another 4 star player USF landed to play linebacker. He also will have 3 years remaining and should turn out to be a threat to start his first year. All in all, this years class was good for USF. They went after positions we needed and Head Coach Jim Leavitt said "USF football will never be the same after this year."
Man football is great. I can’t wait for next season.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thats my penis

Just watch this video and you will understand...I couldn't stop laughing. I like how the cop says hes sorry about that. I am guessing that this guy got off the hook. He could have had cocaine and a car bomb and he will be walking a free man. Thanks to Barstool Sports for the find. Keep it up.

I have just woken from my hibernation...

The weekend kicked my ass. Then this school week has done the same. I had a test tonight that I have been studying for since Sunday. I have reading for classes, marketing research to do, and now I am playing on 2 intramural teams and playing 4 nights a week. There goes my free time. Wednesday’s and Thursdays are going to be my relax days with only one class each day. Yipee! Anyways, it seems like some interesting news is going on in the sports world since I came out of the dark cave that is my apartment.

Shaq might be leaving Miami? That’s what I hear. This is good news for any Miami Heat fan, let me tell you. He is over the hill and on a downward path toward retirement. Plus he takes up a lot of space with his salary. He brought you snow in Florida and a championship ring. He lived up to his hype...kinda, now its time to let the big daddy go. Now from the other teams perspective, why in the hell would the Phoenix Suns want to give Shaun Marion away for the diesel? I know Marion has the ugliest shot in league history but the guy in a Hugh Hefner kinda way. The Suns are known for their fast paced offense where they don’t stop running till they puke. Sounds like the perfect place for Shaq. And by perfect place I mean he would fit in better at a public library. Seriously, don't do this Suns, unless you want to turn into the Heat. My opinion of this, the trade won’t happen. Its just small talk. The suns cannot be that dumb.

Also dont forget that Duke Vitale makes his comeback tomorrow night, barf.
And Wednesday is National Signing day.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Weekend Picks: Road Trip

This weekend I will be heading north (yeah its kinda north) to Gainesville, Fl to get my party on with MoreCredible. Don't expect much out of me this weekend...this will have to hold you over till Monday I'm thinking.

In case you are unaware, Tiger Woods is making his yearly 1 million dollars by traveling to Dubai and showing up at the Dubai Desert Classic. He looks like he has his "A" game, and by "A" game I mean hes going to win unless of course something freakish happens.

Also check out the PGA Tour tourney this weekend...the FBR Open. Its crazy and out of control, esepcially on the 16th hole. Its a short par 3 and on the weekends, college students get drunk and cheer for golf. That alone is good material. Trust me, its worth a watch.

Brady over Eli, I just think the dream season is one for the ages. The script has them going 19-0. Brady has been there before, this is a learning game for Eli. Good run Giants, you just fell a bit short. And Mercury Morris, get ready for them to not only be on your block, but all up in your crib dawg!!

Ian Poulter Over Rory Sabatini... the pink pant Poulter ( I like that I think I need to copyright that one) made a big mistake by calling out Tiger Woods. I like the fact that now you are saying you were misquoted. Classy. Thats why I put you ahead of Rory " The king of making himself look foolish" Sabatini.

The Pistons will probably beat the Mavs on Sunday...but everyone will be way too involved and drunk with the superbowl that it wont matter. Who schedules other games on super bowl sunday anyways?

Jason Kidd Trade over Johan Santana trades are starting to get out of control. I think that the Jason Kidd trade will be more meaningful. That is if it even happens.

Erin over Jessica

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Spotlight on...

Each week (either tuesday or thursday)our co editor Jon will be bringing you a spotlight on post. He will take a look at different schools from all over the land giving you the facts, numbers, and history. Expect lots of good info and of course, the lovely ladies!

Well we all know what school is coming today but I'll still give you a witty intro. Home to 3 Heisman's(and the last non offensive player to win it) Home to the greatest rivalry in college sports, home to the great Bo Schembechler, Home of the "Fab 5" who flopped come tourney time because of a time out management issue, and just happens to be New England Patriots QB Tom Brady.

The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (simply Michigan) is a coeducational public research university in the state of Michigan. The university was founded in 1817 in Detroit, and moved to Ann Arbor in 1837. Today, it is the state's oldest university and the flagship campus of the University of Michigan system, which now has two satellite campuses with 41,042 students. Well all I can say is that I'm glad I'm not a student there as in 2007 their out of state tuition ranks as the highest in the US! The Maize and Blue participate in the Big 10 conference with 24 of their sports teams. The football team holds records for the most all-time wins and highest all-time winning percentage in NCAA Division I-A history. They have won or shared in 42 big 10 championships. they have 14 national championships with the last in 1997. The campus is regarded as one of the 20 best in the US, with more than 420,000 living graduates it would be too hard to pick out any one just to tell you about buuuuuutttt since I like all of you the list includes: the late U.S. president Gerald Ford, Dana Jacobson and Steve Phillips of ESPN, Rich Eisen of the NFL Network. Those are just a few that you may know. Now on to they poon!!

I love Michigan too!!!

This next one may be my favorite picture of all time!!

God I love em...showin school spirit anywhere they can. Pics found from around the web.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Hump Day

Every Hump day I will bring you some of the biggest stories that have happened in the last week or so. Get used to it.

Here are some of the things that have happened in the last couple of days:

How the hell can the mets only give up those guys and land a dude like Johan Santana. Thanks a lot Twins, you just fu**ed my chances of the braves doing anything in the division. The Braves have a good lineup but I dont know, Santana scares me. Kinda like that monster in my closet that scares me.

The G-Men and Pats arrived in Arizona for the super bowl and Brady didn't have his boot on. Whoopie! No seriously tho this is going to be a pretty good game. But I'm more interested in the hookers that are flocking to the city like its a gold rush.

Tiger Woods won yet another tournament, and this should not be news people. When he doesn't win, then that will be news. And then today I found out that yet another idiot called out Tiger and said he can challenge him. Ian Poulter. Idiot. Whats he going to challenge him in, a nice friendly game of go fish?

Roger Clemens released his version of the Mitchell Report. His is called the Clemens Report, how original right. Its 44 pages and 18,000 words. Let me get right to reading that. Yawn.

Wake Forest RB Luke Caparelli got kicked off the team for saying bomb on a plane....well actually planning to blow up the campus. That ain't smart bro. That's an easy way to have the feds up your ass.

And we hear that there is actually good sex in the Big East!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

This always seems to happen...

No not the hookers invading the super Bowl, but every year the super bowl does bring out the best of us men. We have to see who has the bigger balls if you will. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston Mayor Thomas Merino have put together a lenghty list of bets:

"If the Giants win, Menino must send Bloomberg: 100 cups of New England Clam Chowder from Legal Sea Foods; 42 pounds of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts (in honor of Super Bowl XLII); 12 dozen Boston Cream Pies and 12 Dozen Parker House Rolls (in honor of Tom Brady’s #12) from Boston’s Omni Parker House Hotel; 100 Old Tyme hot dogs and 100 Alfresco chicken sausages from Kayem; 20 pizzas from Sal’s; 5 cases of Brigham’s Boston You’re My Home Ice Cream; 5 cases of Cherry on the Top Frozen Yogurt Bars from Elan; and 100 servings of Stonyfield Farm Organic Yogurt.

If the Patriots win, Bloomberg will send Menino: 42 pastrami and corned beef sandwiches from Carnegie Deli; 42 “Big Blue Cheese Eli Mann-Eater Burgers” from Gallagher’s Steak House; one case of beef cocktail patties and one case of chicken cocktail patties from Golden Krust Caribbean Bakery & Grill in the Bronx; a selection of five pizzas from Goodfella’s Pizzeria on Staten Island; 42 pounds of rugelach, 42 pounds of assorted layer cakes and 42 black and white cookies from Junior’s; one 2.5 gallon tub of lemon ice and one 2.5 gallon tub of ice of the flavor of Boston’s choice from the Lemon Ice King of Corona; 100 servings of Manhattan clam chowder and one bushel of Blue Point Oysters from the Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant; and 20 pounds of “Super Steak” from Peter Luger Restaurant and six bottles of Peter Luger steak sauce."

DAMN!! that is a Smörgåsbord of all Smörgåsbord's . Could you just imagine if Coach Mark Mangino was the mayor...good lord! He would have a list that included everything off the McDonalds, Wendys, Taco Bell, and Dairy Queens menu...not to mention the truck loads of kool aid and soda. I can actually hear him getting fatter.

Spotlight on...

Each week (either tuesday or thursday)our co editor Jon will be bringing you a spotlight on post. He will take a look at different schools from all over the land giving you the facts, numbers, and history. Expect lots of good info and of course, the lovely ladies!

So after a long hiatus from Spotlight on posts, this week I will have a treat for you. Your going to get 2 spotlight on posts, one for each of the QB's of the Superbowl teams. (Elisha and Brady) 1 today and 1 on Thursday. Today we are looking at the home of 17 first round NFL draft picks, the first school to give good ole Tommy Tuberville a shot just happens to be Archie and Eli's Alma matter. Yup you know who I'm talking about

The University of Mississippi, est in 1848 is also known as Ole Miss. It is a public university located in Oxford, Mississippi. Founded in 1848, the school is composed of the main campus in Oxford and three branch campuses and University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson. Sixty-seven percent of undergraduates are from Mississippi, and nineteen percent of all students are minorities yikes!. International students come from sixty-six nations. They may only have 17,323 students but they are loud and proud of their University. Their sports teams, originally known as the "Mississippi Flood", were re-named the Rebels in 1935 and compete in the competitive twelve-member Southeastern Conference (West Division SEC) of the NCAA's Division I. The school's colors are cardinal red and navy blue, purposely chosen to mirror the school colors of Harvard and Yale, respectively. Hell if you cant be as smart as them, might as well try to trick everyone else by choosing the same colors right! With a long history in intercollegiate athletics, the university competes in 18 men’s and women’s sports. Archie Manning whos was a great for the Rebels has an interesting stake on the campus. The campus speed limit is 18 mph...why 18 you ask? That was his jersey number! They have also produced 3 Miss Americas bow chica bow wow (I would like to know how they "produced" them too)
Overall Rating for Ole Miss, 7.5. If Elisha had not gone there id give it a 8.

Now lets take a look at some of the best of the 17,323 students they have...

Wish I was a train about to collide with this!!

EXTRA EXTRA bit for this post a Video of some Ole Miss Poon

she may be a bit Bi Polar..I think they are gonna lose. No win. No lose. No im just going to get drunk and look hawt. I love you too.
Thanks to our friends at Poon of the Sec for the finds!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Yep, not gonna hear you.

My suggestion is to get some better know maybe some ones that are like 50 rows closer than where your sitting now, that way maybe just maybe the refs will hear your cries for pity. I'd try that and then get back to me.

Levron says its dumbass shit

Someone must have forgotten to get the king his bottled dasani water because he doesn't like that tap he will let you know about it.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Picks....

Tiger Woods over Arnold Palmer- once he wins this weekend in the buick, he will be tied with the great Arnold.

Maryland over Duke- I have called wins like this before. Game is Sunday.

Djokovic over Tsonga- the dream ride comes to an end for Tsonga, unless he pays for another ticket to the ride.

Voting for dunks over not voting- Rudy Gay has a new approach to this years dunk contest.

Staying at home over seeing Rambo- Stallone had to use HGH to make this movie semi worthwhile...

Coaching without shoes over with shoes- check out IUPUI's coach and you will understand.

Drunk Eli over Drunk Plaxico- I don't know, I think he should play like this.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The world must be ending or something...

Roger Federer lost and didn't make it to the finals? Grab your kids, the family dog, a lantern and enough bread for a week and head for the cellar, something bad must be coming. Here is what Federer said following the loss.
"I've created a monster, so I know I need to always win every tournament," Federer said.

WTF? Is Roger sending a monster to attack everyone because he's pissed?
Novak Djokovic ended Federer's streak of 10 straight finals. Now I know Djokovic is starting to turn into one of the greats in tennis today but no one expected this. Yesterday I saw the announcers talking about the final match up Federer will have. Its like they just wanted to skip the semi final match and start the finals immediately. I will give it to Djokovic, here he is pimpin' it with Ana Ivanovic. Just stay off Maria Novak, I already called her.

...and remember that tonight at 9:30 the sexiest thing in sports will happen.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Farewell to one of the best

Today Tampa Bay Buccaneer great Mike Alstott announced his retirement. A-Train was one of the best dudes in the NFL and one helluva a player. He is the bucs all time touchdown man was in tears as he made his announcement today. This saddens me because he played 12 tough seasons but is forced out due to neck injuries. He has long been a figure head for the franchise and should be a HOF member being one of it not the best fullback of all time. Damn I can still remember you running through tackles and mowing people over and the time you tackled my cousin for fun. You were always fan friendly.
"Though mentally I feel like I can continue, physically I can't," he said. "The second injury to my neck will prevent me from playing football forever."
"If you needed a yard, Mike would get you two," said Glazer, one of the sons of Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer. "If you needed to grind out the game at the end, Mike was the man for you."

Thanks for the memories are some of the photos I personally took.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I know its getting tough to watch

USF basketball is getting harder and harder to like. OK first of all let me make this clear. I am in no way giving up on the team, I love USF sports of all kind and I will support them. What makes it tough as a fan is the fact that we are not getting any better...especially when the hype seemed so much higher this season. Tonight I think the final straw broke for me. Watching USF play Louisville at the Sun Dome, I was pulling out my hair watching our team try to do anything. We can't score for one. We have some good talented players but our offensive plays look awful. There is not enough movement out there. Next, if we face a full court press, we fold like really cheap suits. I mean we can barely dribble the ball past half court. Its rough. The last thing I want to rant about is FREE throws. WOW they are FREE what a concept. We must think they cost hundreds of dollars cause we don't seem to want to make them at all. Please USF, turn this around, show some positive headway for the next couple years and the future. I know that we have a new coach and the players we have are not ones he may have recruited but Division 1 players are Div. 1. They should be relative affective. The things we need help on are not rocket science, we just need to practice them more. Yeah, I'm talkin about...practice, not a game, practice!


The aussie open is too hot for TV

In what is the unthinkable, 4 of the world hottest tennis players are left standing for the women's title. This is the hottest thing to happen in sports since that streaker gave Jim Furyk a rose at the US Open a couple years ago. I think that since the ladies have come this far, its only fair that they all come out winners. Daniela Hantuchova, Jelena Jankovic, Maria Sharapova, and Ana Ivanovic...just make all the fans happy and embrace each other in some sexual way on center court...then come over to Tampa, Fl and embrace me. Hell, I will even buy you the plane tickets here. Tonight its all starting...the ratings will be higher than ever and millions and millions of men will be watching. Even Ryan Seacrest wont be gay enough to miss this.

LeBron says: "I love New York!"

No not this new york...

He loves the New York Yankees, and his new show goes to prove it. LeBron basically slapped Cleveland in the face when he showed up at a Yankees/Indians playoff game last season wearing a yankees hat. The god child of Cleveland not supporting the home cookin? What? Can't be. Well LeBron has now taken it a step further to show his love for the damn yankees by coming out with this shoe...the LeBron james edition.

I'm sure the Cleveland fans do not approve but I say the hell with it. It wasn't his choice for them to draft him, they chose him rather than him choosing them. If Bron Bron wants to wear the Yankees hat so be it...I just think you would look better in an Atlanta hat Bron. Yeah im taking it to that level.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Didn't MLK deserve two days?

So since I got Monday off, I am greedy. I say MLK needs Monday and Tuesday...hell give it a whole week!! Well needless to say I am back in the swing of things. The Pats won over the weekend, so did the Giants. The super bowl is..wait. Did I just say the Giants won? You mean those same Giants who are sometimes more of choke artist than Andy Roddick? Yep, its sad to say but the same Giants who beat my Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to the ship. I have to admit that Elisha Manning is playing great right now and they wont get pushed over in the super bowl. But how can you win when the opposing team has cheerleaders like this and you don't have cheerleaders.Its just science people.

And the pats fans look like this...geez

Your Australian Open Update

Yes, Maria Sharapova is killing it. She has been blowing through anything in her path and last night defeated #1 seen Justine Henin 6-4 6-0. She will face the HGH killer Jelena Jankovic in the semi finals next. This will be an interesting match and a cute one at that. Sharapova will win because she is playing so well. 6-4 6-3 is my prediction. I know shes thinking of me.

James Blake, another American hopeful will be playing Roger Federer in his next match. Good luck James, Roger seems pumped up after the near glitch he had in his 5 set match a couple nights ago. He did admit though that he will have to be "extra careful" against Blake. And by extra careful he means that he plans to finish him in 4 sets not 5. Well even if you lose James Blake, at least you made it farther than choke artist Andy Roddick. (Which btw I called)
Nadal is still in, so is Djokovic. So is Hantuchova. The men's matches will get better and the women's sexier. Wow tennis is great.

HAHAHA this is great

So a lot of you probably won't like this but I thought it was great so here goes the 16-0 Patriots song

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Soooooooo he's an effin genius

Brandon "Bullievable sports" Stafford is a genius....He this weekend called the let down of Andy Roddick AND his 2nd favorite team the Maryland Terps pullin the upset...and not to pull the homer card or anything but I'm so hoping he is correct with his picks for the NFC and AFC Championship games....Lets hope more for the AFC than the NFC....and Maria Sharapova is looking sexy at the Ausie open here is a pic of her too

well he kind of had me interested in that game show from a few days ago and I found more of it so for your viewing pleasure...some of it was on the old clip but the first 3 mins or so are new and the guy with the thick glasses actually does somethin in this one too!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The weekend looks Sexy

This week, I will be taking the weekend off! Jon has the reigns so HOPEFULLY we can get him to write something. he needs some motivation people.
Here is my "what 2 watch for" this weekend...

Tom Brady just totally dominating the chargers. Wes Welker having a bigger game than Hugh Hefner. LT and Philip Rivers will get into a fight and the pats will be listening to Queens "Another one bites the dust" in the locker room post game.

Brett Favre throwing for 2 td and Ryan Grant running for 2 more. Eli Finally being Eli and the Giants Secondary going to their backups, backups. This will set up a pretty good Superbowl and a great stage. Can the ageless wonder stop the young gun slingin Brady and his boys? That all depends if the Pats are using their spy kit of course.

Maria Sharapova looking uber sexy.

Maryland beating #1 North Carolina in Chapel Hill Saturday afternoon...oh it will happen people. Duke barely edging Clemson.

Me donating money at the Poker Table.(lets hope not on that one)

also...this is a 4 day weekend punks, thanks MLK.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That looks easy... (no not the girl you pervs)

yeah right!! This has got to be my all time favorite dumb ass Japanese game!! These people come up with some of the best ideas ever. Just imagine what these guys could do if they took some HGH. The possibilities are endless.

and if only this lovely was on the game show...

For more pics of this hottie click here (NSFW)

Tim Wakefield ain't got shit on this guy

If the Yankees and the Red Sox got into a bidding war over this stud from Japan, there would not be enough money in the world. Look at these skills and trickery he displays. Think Papi could hit this, Hell no! This is like a Wakefield, Nomo, and Hitler combination, and he's probably on lots of HGH. George Mitchell would have a helluva time writing down his findings about this guy in his report.

And then what do we think about this Mascot? Top ten mascots of all time material or what?