Saturday, January 12, 2008

NFL playoff rap song

Hey its Jon and I know its been a while and sorry for going AWOL but its just been rough time with school and work kickin my ass but here's a funny video that I figured you all would like

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Friday, January 11, 2008

Coach goes WWE on us...

UNC basketball coach Roy Williams decided yesterday that he should show his manhood off by banging his head on his office door. The result, 5 stitches, a headache, and more blood than a WWE match.
Here is what he had to say after the incident:
The office is too small for all that dadgum memorabilia," he said.

Williams was in good spirits and chuckled at his fall, jokingly claiming that he needed 36 stitches. He said he was stepping over a table when his foot got tangled in a cord for a VCR remote control in an office containing about two dozen basketballs for him to autograph

My question is who the hell has a remote control with a cord on it? Isn't the idea of a remote control to be remote and able to carry around freely without the limitations of a 5 foot cord? Damn how old is his shit? From the 50's?


This is your classic example of a country boy having way too much time on his hands getting ready for the lawn mower races of daytona. The best part is the end when he comes down from his wheelie and the hood falls off. Next time use some more duct tape on that Billy Bob.

wheelie lawnmower

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The best video EVER

I found this video again, and I must say it still is the funniest thing I have ever seen. I would love to just get in the guys head who the jersey hit and see what the hell he was thinking as the ball of sweat hit him. Rasheed had no idea what happened behind him but even he had to laugh after seeing this.

I love salsa...if it comes like this

Thanks to our friends over at More Credible, this lovely video of a couple USF tailgaters dancing to salsa can be enjoyed by all. (I'm not going to tell the guys at morecredible that I have already seen this video a while ago cause it might hurt their feelings, but we thank them anyways) Oh and btw, if these girls for some strange reason may be readers of this blog, call us. We would love to talk.

Kenny George is tall, Very tall.

In case some of you are unaware, Kenny George is a tall man. He stands 7'7 or 7'8 I have seen both listed. He plays basketball for UNC ashville. Yesterday his team played The UNC tar heels. This video I'm going to show you is UNC's Tyler Hansbrough who is 6'10 dunking on George. Tyler looks like he belongs in Little People Big World. Just fuckin Ridiculous...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

USF vs Pittsburgh in the Sun Dome

The USF Bulls will be on ESPN2 tonight playing host to 20Th ranked Pittsburgh. The bulls are under the leadership of new head coach Stan Heath who only took one game to win his first Big East Conference game...much unlike the last guy. Anyways hope to see all my bulls at the sun dome, everyone else watch it on TV. Go Bulls!

Pete Carroll to ruin his legacy in Hotlanta?

According to many sources, USC coaching guru Pete Carroll is actually interested in the head coaching job with the Atlanta Falcons. What??? Who the hell wants to coach the dirty dogs birds?
Pete Carroll is without a doubt one of if not the best college coach in today's game. And I am no USC fan but you cant argue with what he has done there to all the haters. He is already making plenty of cash in Southern California so unless they are talking record deal, he shouldn't go. If he has learned anything from Bobby Pitrino, its to stay away from the falcons. That franchise is in turmoil. If Carroll goes, my guess is that he will try to go back to the college ranks after a year or so. Stay with what you got going for ya now, going back only makes you look desperate.
In case I need to remind you of what you have going for you at USC Pete, I will.
Recently completing your seventh season at Southern California, you led the Trojans to two national championships and compiled a 76-14 record. The 14 defeats have been by an average of just 4.1 points!

Plus if you go to Atlanta, you wont get the chance to mingle with these lovely coeds on the campus of USC:

Ok maybe that was a little too overboard on the USC pics. Ok your right, it wasn't.

Kelly Tilghman will feel the Tiger Woods thrashing, kinda like what Stephen Ames got

Golf Channel anchor and former golfer now turned (dyke?) Kelly Tilghman has given Mr. woods some bulletin board material, if ya know what I mean.
Tilghman said "today's young players should lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley."

As you know I am big into golf. Its kind of a big deal. I have always liked Kelly and thought of her as a commentator who actually fed us useful information and not the cupcake bullshit most sports commentators give us. I want the cake dammit, not the cupcake!!
Kelly has sent us and Tiger her deepest apologizes and admits those were not the best words to use to get her point across. Duh. I think she should do a whole show naked to apologize to everyone, c'mon now, I am really hurt by this comment!!

Figured now is a good time to show one of the hottest athletes wives...ever. Thanks Elin for looking this good.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And in case you live in a cave...

LSU won the BS national Championship last night. They beat Ohio State 38-24. I am not going to spend a lot of time on this post because I really don't care about the game. This season was really strange and emo. The season was great for my Bulls but it ended kinda like a bride leaving at the alter just before the wedding.
I think I am ready for a change, its basketball season thank god. I need some March Madness fever.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Do you want to watch this, or gladiators?

To say the least, I think its fair to say that The premier of American Gladiators was a letdown last night. As much as they hyped it up, the show seemed half ass. Hulk Hogan is a horrible commentator, I love the hulkster but that was embarrassing.I'm sure he and Laila Ali are getting stupid money to host the show thinking that they will draw viewers. I got news for them, there aren't that many hulkamaniacs left. That fad died out in the 80's brother.

My next disapproval was that the contestants were pussy's. plain and simple. The very first competition of the night, some chick decides to go Shaun Livingston on everyone and tear her knee in two pieces, Yes! Then the race between the two girls running the obstacle course hurt my eyes. It was like watching paint dry. They were out of breath after 20 seconds and couldn't even walk up a treadmill? Are you Fu*%ing serious. They looked as if they had just been in labor for 12 hours.

Gladiators did have one good thing I took out of it, the wolf guy is a badass and needs to go back to college and use his last year of eligibility to play for the bulls.

I don't see gladiators making a long run on TV. It just wasn't that exciting for as much advertising as they did. I'm sure like me, many of you watched it then changed to a movie, video games, sleep, or porn. Whatever your fancy is. Prove me wrong gladiators. There is just one problem, your not any good.
Check Awful Announcing, With leather, and My brain says rage for more on this. Please at least watch the video of the eliminator race on Awful Announcing. I didn't stop laughing the whole time watching it. I have a video of it but mines not that good.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

We will be back

Soon, very soon I will be back in Tampa and back to the college lifestyle. Right now work/friends/family have taken over my free time. Please don't throw stones at us and rotten tomatoes, we will feed you the info you want soon enough.