Saturday, November 24, 2007

We had one helluva run bulls fans

Feel free to listen to this song as you read this post.

I will take some time out of my day to thank all of the USF fans, coaches, and players for a wild ride this year. Today we played our final regular season game and won 48-37 over Pitt. It was a season of streaks, won 6, lost 3, won 3. Final record 9-3 and ranked. This was a tremendous season for the very young bulls as we made our stake in the national spotlight. We became ranked for the first time this season and went as far as #2 in the nation. We beat West Virginia who might very well be this years national Champs(they are currently whoopin Uconn for the big east title game). We had a great win over Auburn on the road. We stuck it out most importantly. Now USF must come back to Tampa and play the waiting game to see which Bowl we end up at. I know I'm looking ahead but I know that USF will add to its list of achievements next season, we have a team full of young players including a handful of sophomore sensations. Thanks for all the support this year Bulls.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey day!!!

Hey loyal readers just wanted to throw out a happy Thanksgiving to all you from myself and B-staff. Hopefully your at home enjoying some Turkey and football with family or at work....oh wait thats just me. But everyone enjoy your food and football.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brown Paper Bag...

Daft Bodies - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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These don't seem like the girls you need to put something over there head and I don't know whats going on here but I kinda am diggin it. The Kanye west remix to stronger?

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OK I just couldn't stop there with the leak frog thing. The frogs got to me, I had to know more. (Look at previous post) Well let me just tell you, I am now educated. OK on, there is a hilarious song about these leak frogs. Here is the official site for leak frogs... Here they have a commercial for them and more information. I told you the woot deal was good, they are selling them at their official site for 12.99. Each!!
Just Google the Leak Frog and you will be amazed.
This commercial for the Leak Frog is starts off boring but I love the effects when they show the leaks.

Look at that damn thing go, I can't get enough of it!!

Everyone Needs A....

fuckin Leak frog duh!! Please don't tell me you have one, don't be like that loser at school who's mom gave him a ham sandwich when everyone else had a PB&J with cookies. Or the kid who had their mom comb their hair for the school picture. WOW I can tell you are. These are very versatile items that can detect leaks in sinks, dishwashers, Tubs, vagina's, washing machines, pools, just about everything. The damn thing runs on 3 AAA batteries so it even has some power and with a few mods ladies it could prolly vibrate a little. It has a helluva alarm it says and don't worry, you wont lose it in a serious leaky situation because your frog will float in "deep puddles" so they claim. This is a must have for all human beings!
Just because I feel bad for you I'm going to let you in on a little secret where you can get yourself a pair of leak frogs and your in luck because its two for Tuesday's. Better order fast, these are hot items, WOOT!

Magglio Ordonez wins AL MVP!!!!

Magglio Ordonez aka Mags of the Detroit Tigers won this years AL MVP. He had 2 first place votes and...wait 2 first place votes? You mean he actually got votes for first place. That's got to be a win right? Well its a moral victory and that's all. Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees(why am I telling you this, if you don't know A-Rod, you couldn't tell me your left from right)won his 3rd MVP award. He walked away with it. Kinda like how O.J. tried to walk away with that sports memorabilia. A-Rod without a doubt is one of the best players of all time. He puts up numbers similar to those you would find in a video game or those in the lottery. If he could only do it in the playoffs he would go down as the best player of all time. Period. I think that if he stays with the Yankees which we all think he will, A-Rod will make it to 3 world series in the next 10 years. That's my number. In honor of the AL MVP award we were all anxiously waiting for.
I bring you this...

and this...

Monday, November 19, 2007

In honor of those at the Ville'

Disclaimer: We as USF Fans feel very bad about kicking your ass like that in Ray Jay this year and for it we send our deepest apologies. And if you believe anything im saying please don't. We love kicking your ass like its our job.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

What a weekend it was

This was the weekend for me as far as sports go. To start it off, Saturday my USF bulls got the ball rolling with a 55-17 thrashing over losersville Louisville.
The game was never a contest, Nate Allen recovered a fumble on the opening kickoff and ran it in for the bulls first score, 8 seconds into the game.
After the whoopin in Ray Jay the Tampa Bay Bucs were in Hotlanta to take on the dirty birds. 31-7 later we have another victory and a hold of the NFC south lead thank you very much. At this point, the day was just getting started. Just a couple hours later, Matt Kenseth won the Nascar race but more importantly it gave me 3rd place in our nascar pool and 600 big ones. Thanks again Matt, we had a helluva ride this season. Just after the race in homestead and me makin it rain like PAC Man Jones in a strip club, I was watching the Orlando Magic beat the Boston Celtics (sorry Jon) to give boston their first loss of the season. Orlando also won friday night over the Nets which let me win a bet with my buddy ERN, you still owe me a drink btw. The USF men's basketball team scored an upset win over in-state foe Florida State. After the orlando win tonight. Go Bulls! Then if it couldn't get any better, my flag football scored a victory tonight! We are now 4-2 (I don't want to tell you that it was by forfeit because the other team didn't show)
I know I already posted this video a couple days ago but Damn, this is the song of the moment for me. I got to shine!