Saturday, November 10, 2007

200 million!?

It's hard to imagine in this country that a nation would stop for one day at one time for a sporting event. But that isn't so hard to think about if your from the other side of the world and you don't see to many of your athletes go to the American pro game. Twice this year has the western world stopped for the clash of two of their countrymen. One happened back in April when Dice-k faced off with Ichiro and Japan stopped at least to see these two titans clash. This time between the stars Dice-K came out as the personal winner but the show was stolen by young gun Felix Hernandez who threw a complete game one hitter and got the win 3-0. This was supposed to be it, it was suppose to be the biggest thing from the western hemisphere this year that is until Yi vs. Yao. 200 million woke up at 8:30 am(Beijing time) to watch this game. 200 million wow I can't even imagine that many people just stopping their lives just to see a basketball game. Not even that many people stop to watch the Superbowl. In the first meeting of many to come between the two came down to Yao winning but their stat line read Yao, the five-time All-Star, had 28 points, 10 rebounds and three assists. Yi, the 20-year-old rookie, had 19 points and 9 rebounds. Pretty good game from the rook but not as good as the seasoned vet. Yao said in a press conference before the game he thinks in the end Yi will be the better pro then he is.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My Top 5...if the season ended today

This post will take a closer look at my top 5 College football players if the season ended today. We will take into consideration many things. Listen to this music video while reading the post!!

#1 Darren McFadden. Why? Well basically because he is not human. He is a decent from Rambo or something of the like. McFadden is Mr everything. He car run (obviously) he can catch, and he can throw. This guy is NFL material.

#2 Glen Dorsey. The LSU defensive line stud is a MAN. He took a cheap chop block a few games ago and didn't miss a beat. He is on top of Mel Kipers draft board and will be sure to go on stage draft day. Dorsey makes all opposing QB's think twice about taking a sack.

#3 Dennis Dixon. The Oregon QB has speed, moves and somewhat of an arm. Lets just say he can throw when needed. I like his vision when running. He is the next Vince Young, just not as big. The best part about Dixon to me is his ability to sell the fake. I don't know how much of a player he will be at the next level but for college football, I will take em'

#4 George Selvie. OK im not doing this just because im a USF fan, Selvie is just that good and deserves credit. He is leading the nation in sacks and tackles for loss. And the best part, he is only a sophomore! The 6'4 defensive end has made a name for himself this year feasting on opposing teams using his speed and unique style. Selvie has big time pro potential when he gets older.

#5 This is a tie between two teammate's. Percy Harvin and Tim Tebow. This gator duo is very scary when they line up against you. tebow is a hard runner who can also throw and harvin is speedy, has great hands and can juke you out of your shoes. He is small which makes some people nervous but Tebow is the total opposite. Get off the tracks or Tebow might run your ass over. They are very young so look for them to make some noise next season.

West Virginia is the new breeding grounds for future NFL inmates

Chris Henry, the West Virginia Graduate and NFL Receiver for the Cincinnati Criminals Bengals is just coming off his 8 game suspension. The bad news, he has already been involved in another off field "situation". From the article, Henry was involved in a scuffle with a parking attendant over $5.00
"A parking attendant told police that Henry and another man parked their sport utility vehicle without paying. According to an incident report, the attendant said Henry argued loudly with him and said, "Don't you know who I am?"
The attendant told police that Henry threw a $5 bill on the ground, but it was returned to him and police were called."

I like how Henry says don't you know who I am like he has something to prove to everyone. Yeah Chris we know who you are, your the NFL player who has it all, the glamor, the talent, the money, the future, the intelligence to not get in trouble after being suspended for 8 games to start the season. It is also interesting that his teamate in college at WVU was PacMan Jones.

Do yourself and the Bengals a favor, STFU, play football and stay out of the headlines, unless you are in there for doing something good...ON THE FIELD!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

University of Central Florida Mickey Mouse College shows their jealousy again...

Question for ya... Whats located in the center of the state, is jealous of USF, has a horrible coach who lies on his application and tries to poke USF whenever they can?

Answer: UCF aka University of Central Florida.

Let me first set the boundaries of this saga. USF and UCF have a bitter rivalry. They are 100 miles away from each other and they call it a war on I4. Thats the interstate linking Tampa to Mickey Mouse. Now I have friends that go to UCF and I respect them, I like them, I just feel bad for them. In the two meetings we have had with UCF in football, we have won both games. This years final score was 64-12. Now you tell me who is the superior program. Prior to this years match up, a news reporter from Orlando came onto our campus with one purpose, do disrespect us. He snapped photos riding our bull in the athletic building and wrote articles about our program and school, none of which made us happy. Now UCF and their mickey mouse area strike yet again. This week we lost to Cincinnati making that three in a row for us after starting out 6-0. Now since you got whooped 64-12 you wouldn't think you have any room to talk but they do. Everyone knows that. In an article written by Josh Robbins for the Orlando Sentinel, he slams our program again and write a bunch of false statements. Here is how he starts out the article:
"The USF Bulls were the nation's second-ranked team as recently as three weeks ago?
Hard to believe"

You know whats hard to believe is that UCF calls themselves a power program in Florida. The article also pokes fun at Jim Leavitt our coach and some of our players including a good friend of mine Mike Padilla. Mike was accused of cursing at the refs for the bad officiating. None of these comments were made. This is a weak attempt at making us look bad Josh Robbins. You say your just doing your job, I say this is bull. Here is my advice: come back and talk to me once you win a football game against USF. I wont be hearing from you for a long time!

Spotlight on...

So this week takes us over to the west coast to where a certain Heisman hopeful plays his ball, where they have the first in door practice facility, where many people feel the ugliest jerseys in sports reside(but not me) yeah thats right we taking a trip to The University of Oregon
The University of Oregon is a public university located in Eugene, Oregon. The university was founded in 1876,The University of Oregon has around 80 buildings and facilities, including athletics sites such as Hayward Field, which is the site for the 2008 Olympic Track and Field Trials, and McArthur Court, and off-campus sites such as nearby Autzen Stadium and the Riverfront Research Park. The Oregon Ducks refers to the mascot and sports teams of the University of Oregon. The Oregon Ducks are part of the Pacific 10 (Pac-10) conference. Donald Duck is the mascot of the University of Oregon under an agreement with Disney. The Oregon Ducks are best known for their football team and Track and Field program, which has helped to make Eugene be known as "Tracktown, USA". They are also sometimes referred to as "The Quack Attack." Since The founder of Nike is an alumni of the school the amount of money that has been donated to the school is over $50 million dollars including a state of the art athletics facility that according to cost at completion $18 million dollars WOW!! With this much money being given to the school through tuition and Nike as a university whats going through your mind except "gee lets see how many jersey/helmet/pants combo we can have" and they ended up with 384 different combos here is just the base of it all just imagine what they could do with so mixing and matching

My favorite is the all white ones imagine the white out you could have!!!! ok so now on to the real reason you all came here the girls!!!!

Who doesn't love a little cheerleader love?
Wow I think I'm in love with the girl right above in the jeans and the jersey shes hot and she loves the green uni's!!!! thanks to our friends at Pac-10 Poon for the above images

Monday, November 5, 2007

Some Dudes ran a lot this weekend...

For a second I wasn't sure if I had accidentally switched channels to the New York Marathon or if I still had the Arkansas Razorbacks and Minnesota Vikings games on. The dudes had numbers on their back/chest like a marathon runner. They had names on their backs. But the names looked all too familiar to be marathon runners. McFadden, Peterson. Get used to those people, they both like to run in a forest gump kinda way. Darren McFadden, the Arkansas freak of nature and best player in college football tied an SEC conference record by rushing for 321 yards against South Carolina. McFadden is a junior but if he decided to leave early for the draft, you can bet your ass he will be gettin' paid and laid. (He might already be getting both now...we at least the laid part but I don't doubt the paid either just check out his whip)
Adrian "King Viking" Peterson set a new NFL single game record by rushing for 296 yards against the San Diego Football Chargers. He almost averaged 10 yards per carry!!!!! Peterson who is in his rookie season has an endless future if he keeps up this pace. Peterson and McFadden combined for 617 yards rushing this weekend which makes me think that that is more offense than Notre Dame Has all season...ouch!