Saturday, September 29, 2007



How about those South Florida bulls getting it done last night in front of a record crowd at Raymond James stadium in Tampa. The bulls took down the 5th ranked MountainQueers who come from brokeback mountain, WV. I still have not got my voice back from the student section because it was so loud last night. I dont think the students could have gotten any louder, big props goes to the students who are also called the 12th man on the field for the Bulls. The bulls forced 6 turnovers and never let WVU offense get going. The defense gave USF an early lead and they never looked back. Many of the bulls were sporting new mohawks or as Jon said grohawks because grothe was one of those sporting the new look. I cant wait until the new polls come out on sunday. USF is starting a legend down here, I say we name the field after coach Leavitt.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

College Picks...

Ok so we know that this weekend there is 1 huge games to be played and our team USF is it . We will NOT be picking a prediction for our bulls, but we know whats gonna happen:)

#6 Cal at #11 Oregon...starting out in the big time pac 10. Its a great matchup with Dennis Dixon the oregon qb and DeSean Jackson the cal return specialist/athlete and the most exciting player in college football. Im taking The ducks at home in a high scoring contest 31-24. Jon is also taking the ducks who he hopes is wearing the yellow uniforms, 35-21

Auburn at #4 Florida... Tim Tebow is starting to find his grove lately and so are the Gators. Auburn is usually much better than this I think they are still recovering from the beating my bulls gave em' a couple weeks ago. I think that with their RB back in action, Auburn will win this game because the gators overlook it and are thinking about LSU. Auburn takes it 31-27. Jon whats your pick on this one? Percy Harvin lights this game up and has one return TD and one revieving. Gators win 42-24.

#22 Alabama at Florida State...Nick Saben's tide lost last week in overtime to Georgia it was a heart breaking loss so In my opinion Saben doesn't let his team lose epsically to a team who is unranked in the top 25 and isn't considered by to many to not be a part of the big 3 in Florida. Bama wins big 24-3. Brandon who ya got? John Parker Willson will bounce back and have a big game BUT Bobby Bowden will have a game for the ages and remind people of his legendary status. Fla State wins a close one 27-24.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

updates errr lack there of

Hey sorry for the lack of updates its been a hectic time for my self and B-Staff with the WVU game this Friday and each of us are in the thick of exams my self having 5 and him having 4 all in the next week. but rest assured we will be coming tomorrow with a new way to do the college pick em format so look forward to that. So we will be back and better than ever tomorrow. Jnasty

Monday, September 24, 2007

MLB awards

Well as the MLB plays on the final Monday of the regular Season B-staff and my self have decided to hand out our post season awards

With the first category we are going to look at the young guys of the leagues.

First in the NL Rookie of the Year

Ryan Braun

The kid really has produced just look at his stats it'll explain it all


Next for the AL we agree again and I am a big fan of this guy

Dustin Pedroia

He is one of my favorite young players in the league he started out slow but he never let the Boston fans or media get to him and he rewarded them with an outstanding season


Next is the NL MVP(finally a difference between me and B-staff)
I'm thinking this award is going to go a man who's team didnt make the playoffs but this guy played like he was on fire all year long and broke many of his clubs records

Prince Fielder

his season stats speak for them self


And B-Staff's pick is a guy who also didnt make the playoffs but still is havin a ballin season he took

Matt Holliday

It may not seem like Holliday should be in the talks but the stats do enough for him


Next is our pick for AL MVP.

Is there any question who it is here? A-rod hands down look I'm a sox's fan and I'm saying this no picture or stats needed for this one if you don't know what he looks like scroll down on your page hes down there.

Now we are going to move to CY Young awards and we differ for both league's

B-staff in the AL took a yankee and I took a Red Sox. yup so that means I just gave it away

Josh Beckett and Chien Ming Wang

Beckett's stats


Wang's stats


Both awesome so that ones up to you

NL CY Young bother differ and both play off teams and both are their staff's ace both are young guns if you will and one is a defending CY Young winner

My pick Brandon Webb and B-Staff's pick Chris Young

Webb's stats


Young's stats


Well those are our picks they may not be right but you better bullievable we think they are so for now its J-nasty and B-Staff sayin bye

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top fuel cars can run over Nuclear Bombs?

According to Larry Dixon they can.
"I feel safer in my car that goes 330 mph than I do in my rental car going 55 mph on the way to the track. I feel like I could run over a nuclear bomb, and I trust in that. He'll be back racing one day. You can count on that."

John Force was involved in a serious accident today as his car looked as is he did run over a nuclear bomb. Force was airlifted to the hospital where he has some serious injuries but will be ok. He has a broken wrist, ankle and a very bad abrasion on his knee. Here is a picture of John and his daughter who also drives funny cars. whoa!!

A-Rod to be player and owner???

Ok first of all, A-Rod has wayyyyy to much money! He needs to hand some of that over this way. According to ESPN news Alex Rodriguez could get a blockbuster deal next season with the Chicago Cubs and that will include a stake in the teams ownership.

Ten dayts after this seasons world series ends, A-Rod can opt out of his 252 gazillion dollar contract (ok its only million) and become a free agent. From what is being said, his new deal would be somewhere around 30 million a year for ten yeras so according to my math 30x10 carry the two divide by .178 and add 3, yeah thats 300 million dollars!!!! Next A-rod will be buying small countries with all that cash. They are just going to bring a brinks truck to his backyard and dump money everywhere. A-rod can really say "I Get Money"

Im not sure if the yankees will keep him or not, he is without a doubt the MVP but thats a ton of money and A-Rod will go anywhere for that kind of cash. Its no wonder he gets girls like this to stand in a fountain with him.