Saturday, September 22, 2007

Helmet Stickers...

This is the first post of our new weekly feature giving the best college players for the week their dues. Each of us will be giving two helmet stickers to the player of our choice so that means 8 stickers a week.

Jon: The first sticker goes to the guy I called to carry his team this week, Mike Hart RB Michigan. He had 44 rush attempts, 153 yards and one touchdown. Mike hart literally carried the load for the wolverines this week and is helping them get back on track.

Bobbo: Tim Tebow QB Florida. Tebow was 20 for 34 262 yards 2 td's passing and had 27 rush attempts for 168 yards and 2 more td's in a 30-24 win for the gators. Tebow also carried the load for the gators today as they got a late scare from Ole Miss. Tim Tebow is a beast!

George: Andre' Woodson QB Kentucky. Woodson 20 for 38 passing for 270 yards and 2 td's. He also had no interceptions breaking Trent Dilfers NCAA record of consecutive passes without a interception. He now has 296 without one. Woodson is looking like a Heisman candidate.

Bstaff: Andrew Robinson QB Syracuse. The sophomore completed 17 of 26 passes for 428 yards and 4 td's. He lead his team to a 38-35 upset over #18 Louisville. The villes powerhouse offense wasn't enough for them today and their defense looked like a pop warner team. Brian Brohm the cardinals qb threw for 555 yards but that wasn't enough. Good job today Andrew.

Jon: The next sticker goes to the two headed monster of James Davis and CJ Spiller RB Clemson. The duo combined for 280 yards rushing each had a touchdown, and led their team to victory. This tamdem can run all over some teams. They each also had a receiving td.

Bobbo: Pat White QB West Virginia. White was 20 of 22 for 196 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also had 9 rushes for 41 yards and two more touchdowns as he led his mountaineers to victory over ECU.

George: Brian Robiskie WR The Ohio State University. The WR averaged 29 yards per catch on 3 receptions, all of them going for touchdowns. The buckeyes win big today northwestern.

Bstaff: South Florida Defense. The bulls forced North Carolina to throw 4 interceptions and had a strong pass rush all day. North Carolina wasn't able to get any rythm going, great job bulls!

New traditions...

On Sunday night, bullievablesports will be bringing you a weekend recap of the big games and a final "wrap up" if you will. We will also be doing a new tradition, the four of us will each be giving away 2 helmet stickers each to the best players of the weekend. Look for that and much more to come...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Bullievablesports Weekend Picks

Bullievablesports Picks of the weekend...

#5 West Virginia over East Carolina. Look for WVU to make a statement the game before they travel to Tampa to take on the USF Bulls next Friday. Slaton and White will both have big days but Noel Devine will play another huge roll as he goes for a td and 100+ yards in the game. Pinkney will have a big day for East Carolina but they come up short 49-21...this is a side note but how many players does ECU have???

#2 LSU over #12 South Carolina. The Ole ball coach cant beat lsu again (He is 11-1 against them) and the tigers roll defensively over the gamecocks. Dorsey will play well for LSU and they win a good game 35-20. This win will be good enough to propel them to the #1 spot also.

#22 Georgia over #16 Alabama. Battle of two of my favorite QB's Matthew Stafford and John Parker Wilson. Both are out to prove that they belong in the top ranks. I think the bulldogs make less mistakes in this one and they win a close game 24-21. This is also one of the better coaching matchups as Nick Saban (bama) goes against mark Richt (dawgs).

Arkansas over #21 Kentucky. Sorry Kentucky, I know you are coming off the state championship game against louisville but Darren McFadden is out for blood. I dont think he will let his razorbacks lose this game as he is mr everything for them. The Wildcats do have a very good qb in Andre Woodson but he turns the ball over late to give Arkansas the win 27-21.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahhh another nice Thursday and you know what that means? Football time

This is our weekly feature where we take a look at some of the hottest games in the land in college football.

First game on tap is Texas A&M vs. "Da U"(or Miami if your not from Florida)

Miami comes into this game up a little after their awesome win at Fla. International last week...wait Fla. International? Never mind that the Aggies come in to this game ranked number 16 this week and they are coming off a large victory over Louisana-Monroe but I just think that the canes are going to say enough is enough and I think they will win this one

Next we have Ole Miss taking on the 3rd ranked Florida Gators

The only reason this game is a hot game is because Tim Tebow. I'm actually interested in seeing if he can keep up the awesome streak that hes on. He and Percy Harvin continue to show all the doubters that they are legit and that and just because they did lose so many starters they just reload they don't rebuild. The Gators will be WAY to much for Ole Miss to handle. Gators win huge in this one

Another huge SEC match up we have next 2 LSU vs. 12 South Carolina

The Ole' ball coach gets to play LSU once again and while at Florida Spurrier was 11-1 against the Tigers. Wow thats pretty impressive if you ask me but that was then and this is now the Gamecocks are no where near on the level of the Tigers and LSU's defense comes to play in this one and knocks the Gamecocks down to earth with the rest of us.

Next we are going to move to the Big 10 and see the 10th raked Penn State Nittany Lions against the Michigan Wolverines.

A lot of people are thinking that this one is a wash but not me oh no I really think Michigan will fight tough in this one and be lead to victory by tail back Mike Heart. In my opinion one of the BEST running backs in the nation even though his line just doesn't help him out at all but look what happens when Heart comes out and guarantees a victory against Fighting Irish(who WILL win this weekend(bonus pick)) I think the Wolverines will use last week as a stepping stone and they will win their first game in their Big 10 schedule.

Man the SEC has some good games this week next Arkansas Razorbacks vs the 21st ranked Kentucky Wildcats

Kentucky is ranked blah blah I know you've all heard it this week but I honestly don't care after last weeks loss I bet Darren McFadden is straight pissed off and he is going to run all over Kentucky and Arkansas is going to kill Kentucky and they are going to go back to what they do best and that is wait for Basketball season and hope that they may go to a bowl....I honestly don't think that Arkansas will lose many more this year.

Final SEC game 22nd ranked Georgia tries to defeat the great college coach Nick Saben and the 16th ranked Crimson Tide

Nick Saben Is back! I bet all the people are getting up every morning in Alabama and just looking up and thanking god that Nick Saben sucked at the pro level so that he would just fall into their lap Saben has put something into that Defense and they are just playing possessed and I really think its all because of Sabe so I say ROLLLLLLL TIIIIIDDDDEEEEE.

And Finally we go to a Big East vs ACC match up North Carolina makes a visit to Ray-Jay and tries to knock off the 23rd reanked South Florida Bulls (its bolded because its our first ranking!!!)

Ok so I'm a little biased but still USF will roll all over UNC hopefully it won't be a trap going in to WVU game next which may I add is almost already sold out. USF wins big in this one in what many people call a trap game for them

Well there you have it for the first time this season its my picks and you better Bulleve they will be the most accurate picks you will fine---J-Nasty

Panic! at the Fanway

Ok, lets go back to the all star break. The Boston Red Sox had a commanding lead in the AL east (10 games)and had their motor in cruise control. They were looking in their rearview mirror and could barely see those Damn Yankees. Now they dont need the mirror to see the yankees, they are practically rubbing fenders with the sox and are using a sling shot draft move to make their way past. One thing is for sure, red Sox fans and Theo Epstein are going to be livid in they blow this division and let the yankees take it. This could go down as one of the biggest letdowns in sports history! This is going to be one very interesting post seasons in MLB. The Mets are on the verge of a Red Sox like meltdown of their own. The Cubs and Brewers are so close its scary, and so are the Padres and Diamondbacks. The funny thing about all this late season drama is that it could all boil down to the worst franchise ever, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays as they have a series with the Red Sox followed by the Yankees This upcoming week at the trop. They can play spoiler if ya know what I mean!