Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Am I the only one raising the red flag here?

OK after you watch this clip, you tell me if maybe something seems fishy. I dont know, maybe its the fact that she kinda looks like a dude, and talks a little like one too. But damn she can throw down. And she (he) is only 16 and 6'8?? I'm sure every college coach is talking to her, even the mens coaches. I did see Coach K walking around her high school last week, weird.

No, the writers strike didn't grab us too...

I have just been super busy lately with school classes and all the crap that goes with it. Plus I am playing soccer (or if your from the other side of the pond) futbol 4 nights a week. That is pretty much taking up my free time because when I get home from that I pass out. Anyways I promise we will be back soon enough...maybe something tomorrow, maybe later. Till then check out Ingrid Vandebosch from the swim suit issue...ggrrrrr. I envy you Jeff Gordon.

PS tomorrow night Maryland plays at Duke. I hope Coach K has the runs.