Monday, March 17, 2008

Tiger Woods is stupid good

First of all let me say sorry. Sorry for taking a few weeks off the blog. It has just been super busy around here. I'm sure you know the college lifestyle. Anyways were back and rested, well sort of.

Tiger Woods is easily the best golfer of all time and maybe the best athlete of any kind. I don't care if you are a golf fan or think its a dumb sport or not, facts are facts. He is the best EVER. This weekend at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill, he put on a show. One for the ages. Tiger was 7 shots back at one point in this tourney but thanks to a great weekend and a clutch putt on the 18Th on Sunday, Tiger tied Ben Hogan with 64 all time wins and continued to dominate. Tiger closed with a 66 on Sunday to edge Bart Simpson Bryant by one shot.

If Tiger continues this up the PGA tour is going to force him to play golf left handed. He would still probably make the cut.

Happy Green day everyone, were celebrating by going out and drinking. Plus its a 2 for 1 celebration with St. Patty's day and George's bday.