Friday, November 2, 2007

Bullievable Picks...

In what has been a pretty wild and crazy football season, picks have been very hard to make. DO NOT expect the madness to stop now, there will be some head scratching yet to happen...and with that being said, here are our picks this week.

#1 Ohio State vs Wisconsin: This is going to be a better game than some people think. If Wisconsin RB PJ Hill can get his running game going, they can stay in it and control the clock. I think that Ohio State is playing well at the right time and even though they should not be the number one team in the nation, they keep the number next to their name this week. Jon who ya taking? Well I agree that OSU isn't the best team but I think that Wisconsin will beat em behind the running game.

Arkansas vs South Carolina: I don't like them at all, but I am going to take South Carolina in this one. Why, I don't really know why, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Jon, tell me who ya got. Well Brandon, you know I love Run DMC and the Halloween costumes he and Felix were sporting on campus this week so I'm taking them running all over the game cocks.

#4 Arizona State vs #5 Oregon: Wow, this game is bigger than it should be. Dennis Dixon and Oregon will win this game, Arizona State will drop in the ranks and Dixon wins the Heisman this week,sorry Matt Ryan. Jon and I both agree that this game is an Oregon rout!

Florida State vs #2 Boston College: The only thing I can think of is that Boston may be the city of champions this year. Red Sox, Boston College, Celtics, Patriots...Bruins?? I dont know, something just gives me that vibe. I don't want boston college to win but Florida State is terrible and they just wont admit it. Jon: I agree but im saying that Matt Ryan wins the Heisman this week over the Seminoles. You know I love them Boston Teams!!

#13 Uconn vs Rutgers: This is a must win game for USF. By that I mean we realllllly need Rutgers to win this game and we need the voodoo doll on UCONN the rest of the season, and we also need WVU and RU to lose one more. I Am still pissed that last weeks game against UCONN for my bulls was played in nasty weather because we were the better team for sure. Anyways Jon and I are both taking Rutgers in this one. Ray Rice will go for probably 40 carries over 150 yards.

Note: South Fu**in Florida will be playing Cincinnati this weekend at HOME. Thank the lord we finally get to come back home and stop this skid. Leavitt-Town USA!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our tribute to the best sports dances of all time...

First lets start this off with Shaq and his friends bustin a move at this yrs all star game. Hes got the moves!!

Up Next is Heat coach Pat Riley doing his NBA Title dance...

Here is a collection of Marc Madsen, Art Model, Tom Brady and others. I personally think Marc Madsens running man is the best all time.

Papelbon and youk dance if off for this years Worldd Series Champs.

you dont say...

If I had to guess, I would say that Andy Reid will not be coaching in Philly after this season. Today, his son was sentenced to a jail term for drug abuse. Here is the story from the AP.

"Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid's eldest son, who said he got a thrill out of selling drugs in both poor and tony neighborhoods, was sentenced Thursday to up to 23 months in jail for smashing into another motorist's car while high on heroin. He tested positive for heroin and admitted having used it that day of the crash. He ran a red light and hit another car. Authorities found syringes with heroin and testosterone in his SUV."

Sorry Andy, you had to of seen this coming, and so will the owners of the Eagles, their patience has got to be running low.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Picks From Leavitt-Town USA

With Leather shows us how great Brett Favre is.

More Credible introduces us to mangasm.

Deadspin is still waiting for Papelbons glove to come down...and so am I.

EDSBS shows us what happens in happy valley.

Awful Announcing has a funny video involving high school cheerleaders...

One More Dying Quail interviews Hottie Erin Andrews!

Tracking order 1Z1E2134535X861110, will come in handy...

Please listen to this video while reading this post. Note the sweet outfits being sported in it also...geez is that what my parents looked like back in the day?

Kenny Lofton will need that tracking number because he is on the move, yet again. That DHL commercial is really becoming more of a reality as Lofton filed for free agency today. In his 17 year career, he has played for 11 MLB teams. After his latest run with Cleveland Lofton will most likely be moving on, after they said he is not in their 08' plans. Lofton was very clutch for them this year in the playoffs, about as clutch as Tiger Woods on a Sunday. I'm sure lofton will play somewhere in 08'

And its underway...

The NBA is back people. It has been lonely without it. NBA season gives us stories to write about like where will Kobe end up? What will Stephen Jackson do next? Who is going to be that Cinderella story kinda like Golden State last yr. Will Ron Artest actually play ball this year or is he still too concerned with his rap career? The Hibachi is sure to bring us some good laughs once again. What washed up player will have talks of making a comeback? Will Mark Cuban do something crazy? And the commentating of Sir Charles Barkley... it doesn't get any better that this. Thank you NBA, we need you. I look forward to seeing all of your stories unfold and the bloggers will be right along side of you to take advantage of all the headline opportunities.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spotlight on...

Each week we will take a closer look at different schools, this week takes us up to the home state of my roommate and Packer Country as we visit The University of Wisconsinlocated in Madison, Wisconsin, USA. Founded in 1848, it is the largest university in the state with a total enrollment of over 41,000 students. University of Wisconsin athletic programs compete in the Big Ten Conference. Football is second to none to this Big Ten school and weather they win or lose there is one thing you can count on and that is the band playing in the traditional "5th Quarter" where the band plays their most popular songs. Their mascot is named Buckingham U. Badger, but any one who knows a thing or two about Big Ten football knows him better as "Bucky Badger". Even though it may be cold 95% of the year up in good ole Wisconsin these girls found some nice warm places to show them selves off:

Thanks to our friends over at Big 10 Poon for these nice lookin ladies!!