Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Update again

I'm going back to sleep, the game is tied. 2-2 top of 6th. Update while typing: Manny just scored, Dice K in line for the win. Im in line for the nap before class at 11. And this chick is kinda cute.

Update- maybe I will keep him

Dice- K seems to be settling down. Whew, that start was something I don't want to remember. It was a little like this

still 2-0 A's but the Redsox have runners in position. Runners on 1st and 2nd, Papi up to the plate.

Live blog from the sox/oakland game (sort of)

Well its 7:20 AM eastern standard time. Let me say this, I cant believe im up. I have actually been up since 5:30. A trip to starbucks, $4 dollars later and a box of doughnuts and I was ready for the game to start. The Japan fans are weird, like they cheer for a pop fly. Dice-K is killing me, I have him in half my leagues and im contemplating dropping his ass. Dropping him like a bad habit. Its 2-0 A's. The guys at barstool have got to be pulling their hair out.

P.S. Bud Selig is getting interviewed and im pretty sure hes drunk. Too much saki last night me thinks

Monday, March 24, 2008

Somebody get this guy a scholarship

He's probably got a couple years of eligibility left right? This is 8'5" Leonid Stadnik worlds tallest man. Here are some pictures that look, well they just look stupid...

This last picture is his cell phone, no photo shop involved, thats an legitimate sized cell. Just imagine this guy with a basketball in hand getting ready for a cherry pick under the rim. Sexy.

cmon' Stan Heath, I know you are drooling over this man.

Wow he actually has a great idea?!

So Bullievable's favorite person in the whole world Dick Vitale or what he likes to say "Dukey V with a capital K" came up with one hell of an idea this morning on ESPN's Mike and Mike in the morning. he said that in this day and age players in basketball should not foul out but rather penalized he said that this sport is the only one that allows a person with a whistle to dictate the outcome of a game. He says that what every league should do is call the fouls but once they reach 6 each one after that when they foul someone the other team is awarded with their two free throws AND possession of the ball after shooting the free throws. later in the show Stephen A. Smith called and said he loves the idea as well. I personally have to agree with both of them I think that if I'm going to a game I would like to see the star play as much as possible. With this rule change the coach has his own decision weather or not to risk the two free throws and lose possession I personally would risk it if I knew it was my best player too. Let me know what you guys think about this rule change too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Attention: Ana Ivanovic to get sexier

Ana Ivanovic is rising to a new level of sexy. In the upcoming Sony Ericsson Open in Miami, she has agreed to make her skirt 2 inches shorter!!! Apparently this is in an effort to draw more men to the matches. I am pretty sure they will have great success with this attempt. (But if this doesn't work they can always play their matches wearing clear tennis dresses.) You know I have always wanted to go to a tennis match, this may have just swayed me. If Sharapova is there, im in.