Saturday, December 8, 2007

The BCS...Its wild and Crazy Kids

This college football season was extremely wild. So wild that picking this years BCS Bowl Games will be difficult beyond belief. Here is our preview of whats in store...well at least what I think.

Rose Bowl: Illinois vs USC
I think all the "Juice" is squeezed out of Ron Zooks boys in this game. Frankly I don't know how they made it here. USC is a much better team than Illinois and they know it. Illinois is no where near fast enough to keep up with USC. I hope they prove me wrong and make me eat this but I dont see it happening. USC will win big.

Sugar Bowl: Hawaii vs. Georgia
This is Hawaii's chance to say we are co national champs. Please don't let that happen UGA. Colt Brennan is good. How good, im not sure. He plays Div. I football yes, but he is also playing some weak schools to say the least. There is probably more talent on the intramural fields than what he sees. UGA is playing hard and in my opinion got screwed out of a National Title chance. They have a running back thats going to make Hawaii say "how long till we get to fly back to our island?"

Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia vs Oklahoma
This is without a doubt the best matchup of the BCS games. I got to watch WVU play in person this year so I saw their speed live. They are very fast, especially if you let them hit the corner. I dont know much about Oklahoma's defense but I will say this, if they dont force WVU to the inside, they are in for one long night. Pat White probably wont play because we all know this is a big game and he doesn't like to play in them. Steve Slaton and Noel Devine will show Oklahoma the door.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs Kansas
I am not excited about this game at all. I don't get excited about VT football or Kansas and Fat Mangino. I don't think this game is exciting at all. It would not surprise me if Kansas won. That's just the feeling I get. They are kinda flying low, you know under the radar a bit.

BCS Title Game: Ohio State vs. LSU
When all the smoke cleared, this is what was left standing at the top. Ohio State who did go 11-1 with a not so tough schedule goes against LSU @ 11-2 or whatever their record is. Both their losses coming in overtime. I thought that LSU was the best team throughout the season but they didn't deserve to play for the national title after their loss to Arkansas. I think that as far as the game goes it will be close. Closer than last years title game between Ohio State and Florida. I like Beanie Wells for OSU. He is a hard pounding runner. I like the gutsy play calling for LSU. I am going to watch this game but I have my hands in the air for who will win. I really don't know. I will say LSU but since no one is giving OSU a shot, look out. They could very easily win it.

Friday, December 7, 2007

20 years from now, the madness will still happen

Much like in 20 years from now, I still will think Mercury Morris is a douche bag, the soulja boy fad will still be nuts. Im pretty sure that the Soulja Boy crank dat madness is never ending. Here is the latest fad, well I think its the latest. Enjoy.

Crank That Kosha Boy

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Giving him the business..

This dude gets flagged for "Giving Him The Business" and yes thats a personal foul bro.

Spotlight on...

We have been getting really bad with the spotlight on post so im bringing it back this week. Sorry, times have just been so busy. You have all got to understand, were just livin the college life here!! This trip takes us up to the state of North Carolina and the UNC tarheel country...

Located at Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina is one of the oldest schools you will find. (Est. in 1789)North Carolina is one of the best looking campus you will ever find. Most of the buildings are brick and the foliage is amazing. ok enough with that stuff. They are big into baby blue, Michael Jordan, and college basketball. With almost 20,000 undergrads its not too big but big enough to have a huge fan base and following. They are one of the top basketball teams year in year out. (makes me mad seeing as I am a Maryland fan) Every game in the Dean Smith center is exciting. There other athletic programs are nothing to shake a stick at either. As a member of the ACC conference, they usually hold their own. Here is a list of their most notable sports alumni:
include Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Davis Love III, Eddie Pope, Roy Williams, B.J. Surhoff, Kristine Lilly, Jeff Reed, Andrew Miller, Daniel Bard, Marion Jones, Ivory Latta, Lawrence Taylor, Julius Peppers, Alge Crumpler, Willie Parker , Brian Simmons, Rasheed Wallace, Vince Carter, Nick Monroe, Antwan Jamison, Shalane Flanagan, and Dré Bly. Sounds like a group of winners, well except for Marion Jones and her steroids.
One of the biggest traditions on the campus is on Halloween. Students from all other school in North Carolina come to the UNC campus to fill the streets for partying. They estimate that 80,000 students are there annually.
Somehow while searching the history of UNC, I came across some of their hottest ladies...hmm how did that happen.

Soulja Boy loves that Piggly wiggly

Thanks to our friends at MoreCredible, I was reminded of the Soulja Boy craze that I thought had passed. So in an effort to find a new video on him, I came across this. You gotta love the Piggly Wiggly parking lot pimpin and at the end of the video the quick "act cool like we were not doing anything" move when they see the cops.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Miss California not pretty enough, forced to give crown back

Miss California or Miss ex California was forced to give her Burger King crown back so the rightful winner could be crowned. Much like the presidential voting a few years ago, there were chads in the ballots and accounting errors. Christina Silva who originally won the crown before realizing that she wasn't slutty enough to have it is considering her legal options. I have a legal option for ya, cry about it. Raquel Beezley, 21 was the supposed rightful winner of the crown after the chads were examined and now she will represent California in the Miss USA pageant contest next April. Bla Bla Bla. You bored yet? good me 2.
The best thing I got for ya is a picture of Raquel...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the best named machine in sports goes up in flames...

The Zamboni, a machine used to clean the ice on hockey floors is by far the coolest name for a piece of equipment. Whats not so cool is that this zamboni on fire!!

I am no zamboni operator but I think thats not the proper use for one.

WWW (who would win?)

OK this is a new post and its kinda a trial and error thing. We are going to come up with some good fight matchups and see who would win.

Fat Mangino or Fat Bastard or Fat Charlie? This is a helluva heavy weight battle, probably one that is off the charts. I think Charlie Weis is the first to give up the fight and run stroll to McDonald's. Now Mangino and Bastard go at it and Mangino wins the battle on a Fat Bastard cheap shot. Damn that Mangino!

Next up is a battle of Tampa Bay area Coaches: Jon Gruden vs Jim Leavitt
look at the battle stances both of these fighters take. They are premier jujutsu fighters. Chucky is tough but leavitt bangs his head on walls so he would win this crazy battle.

Now the main event, we have in the red corner weighing in at 1278 pounds The Adams family! and in the blue corner weighing in at 438 pounds the Roloff family from the show little people, big world.
This fight would come down to two things, one the Roloffs would have their game faces on and two the dad would use his ninja crutch to kick some ass!! Gotta love the Roloffs!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Yep, Dwight Howard will block your shit

I am watching the Golden State Warriors play(well try to play) the Orlando Magic right now and one thing sticks out in the game. Dwight Howard is wayyyyyy bigger that them. Like he almost looks out of place out there. Kinda like Peyton Manning at a strip club outta place. Dwight Howard already has rebounds gallore and blocks a many. I love having him on my fantasy team, its nice, kinda like warm apple pie nice. Orlando needs to keep this season going and they will find themselves in eastern conference finals. (btw this blogsite is known to jink people/teams so now im scared)

*in other news Brian Billick just blew kisses to Rodney Harrison in the pats ravens game, I'm sure there will be a video on some blog site shortly. It was pretty funny.

And in other other news, we will be getting off our lazy asses and writing more blogs for all of you readers!!!! Until then, forgive us and look at the lovely Marissa Miller....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Keep your head on a swivel kid

Slam Dunk Close Call

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This video is somewhat scary. I flinched a little when I watched it because he was that close to head coming off its swivel. Before the video gets going you can notice that the backboard looks about as steady as Tony LaRusa on his DUI video.