Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekend Picks....

Tiger Woods over Arnold Palmer- once he wins this weekend in the buick, he will be tied with the great Arnold.

Maryland over Duke- I have called wins like this before. Game is Sunday.

Djokovic over Tsonga- the dream ride comes to an end for Tsonga, unless he pays for another ticket to the ride.

Voting for dunks over not voting- Rudy Gay has a new approach to this years dunk contest.

Staying at home over seeing Rambo- Stallone had to use HGH to make this movie semi worthwhile...

Coaching without shoes over with shoes- check out IUPUI's coach and you will understand.

Drunk Eli over Drunk Plaxico- I don't know, I think he should play like this.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The world must be ending or something...

Roger Federer lost and didn't make it to the finals? Grab your kids, the family dog, a lantern and enough bread for a week and head for the cellar, something bad must be coming. Here is what Federer said following the loss.
"I've created a monster, so I know I need to always win every tournament," Federer said.

WTF? Is Roger sending a monster to attack everyone because he's pissed?
Novak Djokovic ended Federer's streak of 10 straight finals. Now I know Djokovic is starting to turn into one of the greats in tennis today but no one expected this. Yesterday I saw the announcers talking about the final match up Federer will have. Its like they just wanted to skip the semi final match and start the finals immediately. I will give it to Djokovic, here he is pimpin' it with Ana Ivanovic. Just stay off Maria Novak, I already called her.

...and remember that tonight at 9:30 the sexiest thing in sports will happen.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Farewell to one of the best

Today Tampa Bay Buccaneer great Mike Alstott announced his retirement. A-Train was one of the best dudes in the NFL and one helluva a player. He is the bucs all time touchdown man was in tears as he made his announcement today. This saddens me because he played 12 tough seasons but is forced out due to neck injuries. He has long been a figure head for the franchise and should be a HOF member being one of it not the best fullback of all time. Damn I can still remember you running through tackles and mowing people over and the time you tackled my cousin for fun. You were always fan friendly.
"Though mentally I feel like I can continue, physically I can't," he said. "The second injury to my neck will prevent me from playing football forever."
"If you needed a yard, Mike would get you two," said Glazer, one of the sons of Bucs owner Malcolm Glazer. "If you needed to grind out the game at the end, Mike was the man for you."

Thanks for the memories are some of the photos I personally took.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I know its getting tough to watch

USF basketball is getting harder and harder to like. OK first of all let me make this clear. I am in no way giving up on the team, I love USF sports of all kind and I will support them. What makes it tough as a fan is the fact that we are not getting any better...especially when the hype seemed so much higher this season. Tonight I think the final straw broke for me. Watching USF play Louisville at the Sun Dome, I was pulling out my hair watching our team try to do anything. We can't score for one. We have some good talented players but our offensive plays look awful. There is not enough movement out there. Next, if we face a full court press, we fold like really cheap suits. I mean we can barely dribble the ball past half court. Its rough. The last thing I want to rant about is FREE throws. WOW they are FREE what a concept. We must think they cost hundreds of dollars cause we don't seem to want to make them at all. Please USF, turn this around, show some positive headway for the next couple years and the future. I know that we have a new coach and the players we have are not ones he may have recruited but Division 1 players are Div. 1. They should be relative affective. The things we need help on are not rocket science, we just need to practice them more. Yeah, I'm talkin about...practice, not a game, practice!


The aussie open is too hot for TV

In what is the unthinkable, 4 of the world hottest tennis players are left standing for the women's title. This is the hottest thing to happen in sports since that streaker gave Jim Furyk a rose at the US Open a couple years ago. I think that since the ladies have come this far, its only fair that they all come out winners. Daniela Hantuchova, Jelena Jankovic, Maria Sharapova, and Ana Ivanovic...just make all the fans happy and embrace each other in some sexual way on center court...then come over to Tampa, Fl and embrace me. Hell, I will even buy you the plane tickets here. Tonight its all starting...the ratings will be higher than ever and millions and millions of men will be watching. Even Ryan Seacrest wont be gay enough to miss this.

LeBron says: "I love New York!"

No not this new york...

He loves the New York Yankees, and his new show goes to prove it. LeBron basically slapped Cleveland in the face when he showed up at a Yankees/Indians playoff game last season wearing a yankees hat. The god child of Cleveland not supporting the home cookin? What? Can't be. Well LeBron has now taken it a step further to show his love for the damn yankees by coming out with this shoe...the LeBron james edition.

I'm sure the Cleveland fans do not approve but I say the hell with it. It wasn't his choice for them to draft him, they chose him rather than him choosing them. If Bron Bron wants to wear the Yankees hat so be it...I just think you would look better in an Atlanta hat Bron. Yeah im taking it to that level.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Didn't MLK deserve two days?

So since I got Monday off, I am greedy. I say MLK needs Monday and Tuesday...hell give it a whole week!! Well needless to say I am back in the swing of things. The Pats won over the weekend, so did the Giants. The super bowl is..wait. Did I just say the Giants won? You mean those same Giants who are sometimes more of choke artist than Andy Roddick? Yep, its sad to say but the same Giants who beat my Tampa Bay Buccaneers are going to the ship. I have to admit that Elisha Manning is playing great right now and they wont get pushed over in the super bowl. But how can you win when the opposing team has cheerleaders like this and you don't have cheerleaders.Its just science people.

And the pats fans look like this...geez

Your Australian Open Update

Yes, Maria Sharapova is killing it. She has been blowing through anything in her path and last night defeated #1 seen Justine Henin 6-4 6-0. She will face the HGH killer Jelena Jankovic in the semi finals next. This will be an interesting match and a cute one at that. Sharapova will win because she is playing so well. 6-4 6-3 is my prediction. I know shes thinking of me.

James Blake, another American hopeful will be playing Roger Federer in his next match. Good luck James, Roger seems pumped up after the near glitch he had in his 5 set match a couple nights ago. He did admit though that he will have to be "extra careful" against Blake. And by extra careful he means that he plans to finish him in 4 sets not 5. Well even if you lose James Blake, at least you made it farther than choke artist Andy Roddick. (Which btw I called)
Nadal is still in, so is Djokovic. So is Hantuchova. The men's matches will get better and the women's sexier. Wow tennis is great.

HAHAHA this is great

So a lot of you probably won't like this but I thought it was great so here goes the 16-0 Patriots song

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Soooooooo he's an effin genius

Brandon "Bullievable sports" Stafford is a genius....He this weekend called the let down of Andy Roddick AND his 2nd favorite team the Maryland Terps pullin the upset...and not to pull the homer card or anything but I'm so hoping he is correct with his picks for the NFC and AFC Championship games....Lets hope more for the AFC than the NFC....and Maria Sharapova is looking sexy at the Ausie open here is a pic of her too

well he kind of had me interested in that game show from a few days ago and I found more of it so for your viewing pleasure...some of it was on the old clip but the first 3 mins or so are new and the guy with the thick glasses actually does somethin in this one too!!!