Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday morning picks....

So as I sit here listening to Good Life on the post below I realize Mr. West is right I am living the good life right now final home game of the year for the Bulls tonight and I have the whole day off to be out there with everyone it really is the good life now on to some college football picks

I'm going start out in the Big East where we have West Virginia traveling to Cincy which is a very hostile place to play in and Cincy is lookin to play the role of spoiler for the Mountaineers who once again find them selves in the title talks if the Big 12 can beat up on one another. I think that Cincy doing this is very possible but on the other hand man how do you pick against the likes of White, Slaton, and ESPN's Who's next athlete Nole Devine? That is such a lethal dose of speed its scary. If the Bearcats D can play as well as South Florida and stop Pat White then thats a wrap but I honestly don't see this happening WVU rolls over on Cincy today and set up the Big East title game when they play UCONN (bonus pick UCONN KILLS 'Cuse today too....but you'd have to be dumb not to know that.)

Next a little home town love where I'm lookin at B.C. traveling to play Clemson. Just like a few of the other # 2 teams in the nation the Eagles have found them selves on a sort of free fall in the last few weeks and I'm looking for this to continue as the lack of a run game for the Eagles will kill them. I said it a few weeks ago and now I have to go back on it. Matt Ryan isn't even going to be invited to the Heisman presentation now b/c of his performance over the last few weeks and look for the Tigers to throw all over B. C. because their best cover corner DeJuan Tribble isn't playing. I look for Clemson to win this one

My final pick of this weekend is going to Florida and Florida International.....wait isn't there another big game?......hmmmm OH YEAH Ohio state vs. Michigan. Well its called the Greatest rivalry in sports depends on who you ask I think its yanks-sox but thats neither here nor there I look for Hart and Henne to play this game and take Michigan to the upset victory over OSU in the Big House for their final home game and what many people think will be coach Carr's final game at the Big House too. Mich wins a close hard fought game.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Sports Roulette

Please don't be scared to play this song while reading the blog, if your not a Kanye fan, shame on you.

Chances Ricky Williams stays in the league...slim and slimmer.

Chances Ohio State beats Michigan...good if Hart and Henne are bothered by injuries. Who cares about this game tho?

Chances of another number two ranked team losing in college football this season...really good considering that Kansas is likely to take over that ranking and they have 2 tough games left.

Chances of Boston Celtics winning 16 games or Patriots...The Pats have a better chance. Look for Celts to lose to Orlando.

Chances of Tracy McGrady missing at least 15 more games this season. Does a bear shit in the woods?

Chances that ESPN will make us all go insane with their coverage of Barroid Bonds? 100%

Chances that Mercury Morris should have kept his mouth shut? Very good considering no one likes the dolphins and their 1972 team. That was 3 decades ago Mercury, let it go!

Chances that I'm drunk way before the 8pm kickoff of USF vs Louisville Game at Raymond James tomorrow night? Take that one to the bank!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Good thing Kerri Strug didn't land like this...

This looks like it feel good. At least they took the precaution to put a heavily padded mat on the ground.

...and why is everyone surprised?

Barry Bonds was indicted today by federal grand jury. Big whoop! Why is everyone surprised by this, Bonds has had the guilty face for 5 years or so. He is in some deep shit now and I think its great. Justice served. He has been indicted on 4 counts of perjury which carry up to 5 years of prison and 1 count of obstruction of justice which could be 10 years itself! The funny thing, I'm almost sure he was ratted out by his trainer Greg Anderson who has been taking it up the butt for bonds in prison the last couple years. I'm sure all the "prison love" finally got to him and he said "shit I'm done Bonds, its your turn to take the dildo up the ass punishment.
One thing that is already making me sick is the amount of time ESPN is going to spend on this story. Why are we giving a criminal this much TV coverage? Get that piece of shit off the screen and show us what we all tuned into your channel for, SPORTS!!

Dwight Howard is still big, Mcgrady still a girl

Dwight Howard might end up being the best big man ever. Its way too early to tell. What everyone can tell you is that Dwight who is only 22 yrs old and has played just 3 NBA seasons is very impressive. This season, he is leading the magic to an impressive start. He is averaging just over 20 points and 14 rebounds a game, and he is also averaging 3 "I just dunked on your ass son and they made a poster out of it" moments a game. Dwight howard has the power and strength of a freak of nature and he can jump out the gym.

Tracy McGrady on the other hand is pulling his usual stunts. Now before I get into this let me just say that I love T-Mac and think he is a great player. What I have a problem with is the fact that every year you can mark your calendars he will be hurt in big games for his team. Its kinda like a menstrual cycle, you can bank on it happening. Usually its back spasm, this time its his elbow. I just hope that he doesn't take too much time to heal. I'm just glad he is not on my fantasy team!!

In other news, Sticky Icky Ricky is back in the NFL. I am taking bets as to how long he will last. 5 dollars a guess inquire within.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Spotlight on...

So this week takes us over to the Midwest where the #3 team in the BCS plays, where a certain NFL ROY candidate(and single game rushing record holder) played his ball, this years winner of the Red River Shoot out thats right we are going to the University of Oklahoma.

abbreviated OU, is a coeducational public research university located in the U.S. state of Oklahoma. Founded in 1890, it existed in Oklahoma Territory near Indian Territory 17 years before the two became the state of Oklahoma. As of 2006, the university has 29,721 students enrolled, most located at its main campus in Norman. In 2007, The Princeton Review named the University of Oklahoma one of its "Best Value" colleges. The school is ranked first per capita among public universities in enrollment of National Merit Scholars and among the top five in the graduation of Rhodes Scholars. The school's sports teams are called the Sooners, a nickname given to early Oklahoma land rush cheaters who sneaked into the offered territory and staked claims before the land run officially started. They participate in the NCAA's Division I-Bowl Subdivision and in the South Division of the Big 12 Conference. The school sponsors nine sports for both men and women. The University has won 18 team NCAA National Championships[11] and seven national championships in football. By far, OU's most famous and storied athletic program is the football program, which has produced four Heisman Trophy winners most recently Jason White in 2003. Many Pro Football Hall of Famers, including Lee Roy Selmon(Tampa Bay Buc wooohooo and the A.D. of USF when we started playing ball!!!...thanks Lee Roy) and Troy Aikman also attended the University of Oklahoma. Now on to the girls:

Wow I wish I knew where she went to drink I'd be there so quick

WOW is all I have to say....Images found from around the Internet

Some guy wont practice

Stephan Marbury the superstar horrible point guard for the New York Knicks has decided that he doesn't need practice which is very funny if you watch the video on my last post. Instead of going to Madison Square Garden for practice this morning, Marbury was seen eating McDonald's and making it rain with some hookers on the side of the road. This has led to speculation that Starbury will be out as a member of the New York Basketball Knicks and left on the streets homeless. OK that last part is a joke because he is still owed 42 million dollars over 2 seasons.

"Marbury's contract is worth $42 million over the next two seasons. If the Knicks buy Marbury out, he'd be a free agent. He could also be traded"

This makes me so sad because I love Starbury. Oh wait did I just say that? I mean I could give a rats ass what happens with Stephan, he is a waste of space on the gym floor. Go sell some more 15 dollar shoes at Steve and Barrys buddy.


So I was just watching ESPN and they were talking about Peyton Mannings worst performances. One game after Peyton lost, his coach went on a rant. It led me to look up this video ...its a remix if you will.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Lazy Bulls

Loyal readers, I am very sorry for the abundance lack of writing the last couple days. Had to make a trip home and did not get to pack the old computer with me. We will be sure to GATA this week. In the meantime, EDSBS has some breaking news on Lloyd Carr retiring. And enjoy this Denver Cheerleader, I know you will.

He is bringing sexy back, probably not as hard this time

It was 2004 and Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson brought boobs out sexy back in a whole new way. They did it in front of millions on super bowl Sunday. We all know what ensued. Now JT is bringing sexy back, on the links as he was announced to host the PGA Tours Las Vegas open in 2008. This is what was said about Timberlake being this years host...
"Bing Crosby. Sammy Davis Jr. Bob Hope. And now ... Justin Timberlake?
The PGA Tour announced on Monday that the four-time Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, record producer and actor will serve as host of its Las Vegas event in 2008, becoming the 14th celebrity to host an official tournament."

This tournament was won this year by my home town hero George McNeill.
The PGA tour needs JT to host this tournament. With a new younger image, its time to get rid of the traditional host that wear plaid sweater vest and smedium pants. get with it, show some sex appeal. Get Michelle Wie (she is 18 now!), Natalie Gulbis, and Paula Creamer to play a strip golf match with Camilo Villegas, Adam Scott, and Tiger? I guaransheed the ratings will go up! You can still have your traditional tournaments we all love, but lets have some fun every now and then!