Saturday, October 20, 2007

NFL Picks Week 7

Baltimore vs. Buffalo: Key matchup here is Willis Mcgahee vs his old bros. I think he lights them up like ricky williams aka stick icky ricky does. Baltimore wins.

Atlanta vs. New Orleans: This is a matchup of shitty vs shittier. The Saints are bad, but not as bad as atlanta. If atlanta can get turnovers, they could win. (Saints are worst in turnover margin in NFL) Atl has a new QB this week. Im going with saints. Saints win.

Arizona vs. Washington: They are who we thought they were...and they let them off the hook! Key matchup here is Santana Moss vs. Larry Fitzgerald, who can be more productive. And with that being said, Redskins win this one.

San Francisco vs. New York Giants: can Frank Gore please do something, he is killing my fantasy team!!! The giants are at that position where they get people to start believing and then the baloon deflates. The 49ers win this ballgame.

Patriots vs. Dolphins: hahaha ok serious time. Key Matchup: undefeated vs defeated (every game) 6-0>0-6...dolphins win. joking!!!!!!! pats win huge

Titans vs. Texans: The madden curse lives kinda as Vince Young went down last week in Tampa. I like The Texans in this one because they know who is going to start at QB for them.

Tampa Bay vs. Detriot: Key match up here is the battle between Jeff Garcia and Jon Kitna. This should be a fun game to watch, both qb's will lay it all out. I give the edge to Garcia who has a much hotter wife!!! Go Bucs!

Kansas City vs. Oakland: The Priest is back, lets get your prayer on! I like the Cheifs in this one, even though they are going into the black hole of Oakland.

Jets vs. Bengals: The Ocho Cinco/ Whos ya mama tandem tear up the NYJ db's and Carson Palmer Throws the rock like its fun and gun time. GTFO he says.

Rams vs. Seattle: Steven Jackson is killing St. Louis and their season. Seattle isn't very impressive but they are winning. This game is over early. Hawks win.

Bears vs. Eagles: Its kinda like Bears vs. Salmon in a stream, the bear always gets one. The eagles are kinda like a roller coaster at Bush Gardens...up and down. With Brian Griese, the Bears are super Bowl contenders. They win one and Hester takes one to the house also.

Vikings vs. Dallas: Adrian Patterson is having a helluva year for the vikings, Dallas just had a minor setback last week against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Look for Tony Romo to have a bounce back game. If Dallas contains Adrian, they win.

Steelers vs. Broncos: Its Sunday night football in Denver and I know one of my roomates will be watching this game for sure. I think there is some magic in those Rockie mountains (thanks to the Colorado Rockies) so im taking denver in this one.

Colts vs. Jags: Wow David Garrard is very underrated and the offense is starting to heat up with Jones-Drew. I still like The Colts in this one because Peyton Manning is just that damn good.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I don't usually do this but....

So I usually try and avoid hating on things while blogging but I just have to at this point. The nation got what it wanted last night. The poll voters got what they wanted last night. ESPN and FOX got what they wanted. All of the College Game Day crew especially Krik Herbstreir got what they wanted. Florida state, Miami, and Florida got what it wanted last night. USF lost. Yeah you must of been in a hole if you didn't know that USF got beat by the refs errr wait I mean Rutgers last night. Some of the worst calls I've seen in a college football game in such a long time that not once but twice did Sports Center anchors disagreed with the calls that were made weather it was the "forward lateral" or the phantom offensive pass interference on a 4th and 22.......4th and 22?!?!?!?! yes the Bulls completed a 4th and 22 late in the game to keep a drive alive and then no it was a pass interference was called. I really think the refs had a biased opinion because they have been seeing the haters come out now more than ever. Not to even mention the trick plays that it too. Its sad that it takes about everything you can do to beat a team 2 fake kicking plays one on a punt and one a field goal. stupid. talking about haters here is the main headline from's college football section: "Sure, USF is now a one-loss team just like LSU and Oklahoma. But don't expect the Bulls to get a second chance. Mark Schlabach." Wow thanks for that one jack ass. Now on First take they are saying how bad of a call that 4th and 22 was. HAHA well Haters congrats you got your wish last night and kept us out of the BCS national champshionship but thats ok we will enjoy us the Orange Bowl as Big East Champs which according to Coach Jim Leavitt has been our goal since day one. Oh and no matter I SAID ITS GREAT TO BE A SOUTH FLORIDA BULL!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Caption it

This is a new post where we will take a few funny sports pics and share them with all of you...enjoy and be sure to leave us a comment with your caption

How does Yao's armpit taste? Maybe this is what they do in China...just sayin.

Something just doesn't seem fair here...its kinda like USF vs. UCF...ouch.

If this is how you think your going to impress the ladies in the park, think again buddy. Im not sure this is gonna get the job done.

I know Noel isn't that tall but geez, this just looks ridiculous.

Cry me a river...

OK here is my problem with all these BCS complaints. There are 119 teams in Division 1 college football many of which could be eligible for a BCS title if they are doing well. In the last 6 years or so, we have gotten accustomed to 10 teams that we see annually in the top 10. (USC, Texas, Miami, Florida, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, LSU, and Oklahoma.) Those teams have all got their share of bandwagoners and loyals and right now they are starting to cry like a kid who just was told they cant get that candy bar they wanted at the grocery store. GROW UP!!! There are plenty of other good teams out there who are going to have their share of good seasons.

When the feel good story happens in other sports like college basketball for example, people eat it up. Example: George Mason in 2005-2006. They made the unprobable run and made it to the final four, taking down some of the powerhouses in college basketball. However in USF's case this year, and Boston College, the feel good stories so far, people are jumping at the chance to throw us out like a skeet and shoot us down. ESPN's college gameday crew love to leave USF out of their top teams this year even though we have more than proven ourselves thus far. They pray every night that we choke. Epic Carnival claims that the teams in the top ten this year are frauds... They also claim that USF has no playmakers (obviously they dont know our team as well as they thought) and that we have a predictable running attack. Hmm that sounds a lot like Florida and their way too predictable running game of Tim Tebow. This year not so bad but last year was just stupid. He ran more that Forest Gump!

So here is my advice to all of you spoiled schools out there, Quit your bitchin, its only making you look bad. You have won your titles already and have your stars, celebrities and so forth. Let us bask in the glory for once.

Picture is of gurlybull and sterger! The lovely USF fans they are.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Golf on tap

Ok this may not be one of our more popular post here at BUllievable sports probably because none of you have heard of the guy im about to talk about. George Freaking McNeil!!! This guy won Q school this past year which is amazing in itself, then in his first year on tour he won an event. And what makes it better is that hes from my neck of the woods the Port Charlotte/Fort Myers area!! McNeil fired a 67 in the final round for a 23 under par total and a four shot victory in the open. McNeil is a true story to all those golfers like myself who dream of one day making it big. Oh yeah and I played in the same tournament as this dude just last year. Congrats George, do it big.

Spotlight on...

Keeping the trend going on this weeks edition of Spotlight on we look at the University of Florida or UF

UF is located in Gainesville Florida with 50,912 students (as of Fall 2006) and has the eighth-largest budget (nearly $1.9 billion per year). UF is home to 16 colleges and more than 150 research centers and institutes. Creators of Gatoraid and home of the defending National Champs in both football and basketball(x2) they play in one of the toughest conferences the South Eastern Conference. Home to 28 frats and 16 sororities. Established in 1836 its about as old as dirt and also in a town where its nothin but the school but who cares when you have girls like this

yeah ride that gator girls!!!

Wow those girls of the SEC really know how to follow their football especially when it looks like a Percy Harvin jersey she's wearing(one of my fav. college football players that isn't a bull)

Thanks to Poon of the SEC for the pictures

but check back next week where will the next school we look at maybe yours!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Excessive Celebration, on the home team 15 yards first down...

The University of Kentucky got a little too excited after their upset of then ranked #1 LSU saturday night. The game was won 43-37 in 3OT. The police arrested at least 22 people according to the reports. Couches and cars were burned and bonfires went until the early morning. The win was huge for kentucky who suffered a loss from south carolina just a couple weeks ago. It puts kentucky who is now ranked 8th in the AP poll back in the hunt. This incident wasn't Kentucky's finest display, but these pics may be their best display:

Thanks to Poon of the SEC and Feel the Hype for the pics. You can also find some NSFW pics of these ladies on the net.