Thursday, January 17, 2008

The weekend looks Sexy

This week, I will be taking the weekend off! Jon has the reigns so HOPEFULLY we can get him to write something. he needs some motivation people.
Here is my "what 2 watch for" this weekend...

Tom Brady just totally dominating the chargers. Wes Welker having a bigger game than Hugh Hefner. LT and Philip Rivers will get into a fight and the pats will be listening to Queens "Another one bites the dust" in the locker room post game.

Brett Favre throwing for 2 td and Ryan Grant running for 2 more. Eli Finally being Eli and the Giants Secondary going to their backups, backups. This will set up a pretty good Superbowl and a great stage. Can the ageless wonder stop the young gun slingin Brady and his boys? That all depends if the Pats are using their spy kit of course.

Maria Sharapova looking uber sexy.

Maryland beating #1 North Carolina in Chapel Hill Saturday afternoon...oh it will happen people. Duke barely edging Clemson.

Me donating money at the Poker Table.(lets hope not on that one)

also...this is a 4 day weekend punks, thanks MLK.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That looks easy... (no not the girl you pervs)

yeah right!! This has got to be my all time favorite dumb ass Japanese game!! These people come up with some of the best ideas ever. Just imagine what these guys could do if they took some HGH. The possibilities are endless.

and if only this lovely was on the game show...

For more pics of this hottie click here (NSFW)

Tim Wakefield ain't got shit on this guy

If the Yankees and the Red Sox got into a bidding war over this stud from Japan, there would not be enough money in the world. Look at these skills and trickery he displays. Think Papi could hit this, Hell no! This is like a Wakefield, Nomo, and Hitler combination, and he's probably on lots of HGH. George Mitchell would have a helluva time writing down his findings about this guy in his report.

And then what do we think about this Mascot? Top ten mascots of all time material or what?

Sharapova still sexy, Roddick getting closer to letdown

Just in case you don't watch tennis (I only watch it for sharapova) here is what your missing out on. Maria Sharapova is still rolling through her competitors and Andy Roddick is getting even closer to his date with a letdown for USA fans. He will probably roll like a locomotive all the way to the semi's and then fall off the tracks, like usual. Its nothing new people, its bound to happen.

WithLeather shows us how sexy the Aussie Open is!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Not on my fantasy team

Now I know why I never will pick up Andre Kirilenko aka ak47 or Mehmet Okur on my fantasy teams...they are spending wayyy too much time scoring at parties and not enough time scoring on the court. Chumps.

Credit to Free Darko for this

Wow are we really this sad?

So last night I was eating dinner and listening to my roommates talk about college football when she mentioned that ESPN must really be hurting for stories. They put out a list of top 10 disappointments and number 1 is Dennis Dixon's knee injury. Thats fair enough. Then she said just go look at number 8. So this morning before I get ready for class I decided to read it and I was shocked to see that this was their 8th best thing they could have written about:

8. A messy break: Ben Moffitt was one of the best linebackers in the country. The USF standout also was seen as a symbol of the rising Bulls program, a blue-collar guy who commuted every day, driving more than 100 miles round-trip in his Toyota Yaris from the home he shared with his wife, Shauna, and their two children. But in January, things got ugly for the couple. Newspaper reports said Moffitt left his wife and was filing for a divorce, which prompted Shauna Moffitt to come back with some hefty charges that her husband didn't do his work to earn his grades, saying, "Ben Moffitt has never written a paper. Never. Ever. I love him, but he doesn't know how to spell. He cheats." Shauna Moffitt's sister told the Tampa Tribune that she also wrote papers for Ben. Their mother then said that she knew both of them were doing it. Both sisters e-mailed the Tampa Tribune copies of the papers they said they wrote for Ben. Worse still, Shauna said that a South Florida graduate assistant, Patrick St. Louis, told her when she visited the South Florida football offices on Dec. 3: "I know your name should be on that diploma. I know you did all the work."

REALLY?! the 8th most disappointing thing of this past season? Not the fact that combined Notre Dame and Alabama didn't have as many wins as Kansas. Well I'm for certain shocked and to me ESPN has to look at some of the crap they put out on their website. I know I'm defending a Bull and thats kind of homerish but still the 8th most disappointing thing of the season I think not.

Monday, January 14, 2008

If only all sports teams exerted the energy that Travis Barker has...

This is just amazing. Travis Barker is on a whole different level. Here are the rankings:
1. Tiger Woods
2. Roger Federer
3. Tom Brady
4. Travis Barker
5. Kobe Bryant
1,000,000,000,000,000. The UCF Golden Knights Showers

T.O. says...well just watch the damn video

Here is a video of Terrell Owens after the cowboys loss to the Giants Sunday. T.O. goes all emo on the tape and its kinda scary how hes acting (but he is completely right). Don't worry T.O. there is always the off season to practice and make things better.
BTW am I the only one who thinks T.O. is looking a little bit like Kanye West or Baron Davis in this clip?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The australian open has started

Here are 10 things that we will all take from this years Aussie Open:

1. Andy Roddick will let down the USA...yet again. Place a bet on that one.
2. One of the Williams Sisters will get tested for HGH...a couple times.
3. Some young girl (prolly under the age of 18) will come out of no where and make some noise.
4. Roger Federer will win.
5. Maria Sharapova will drive me crazy in a sexy outfit.
6. Someone will fight with the chair ump.
7. Nadal will wear capris.
8. A streaker will make their way onto the court.
9. One of those memorabilia matches will happen.
10. Sharapova will just be sooooooo hot.

The Duke Vitale update

I know everyone has been sitting at the edge of their seat waiting to hear when we can expect to see Duke Vitale again. (and by this I mean no one has missed him) Well lucky for everyone, Duke Vitale is recovering well and is expecting to make his first appearance at, you guessed it, the Duke vs. UNC game. Damn who would have guessed that he would cover that game. Here are some blurps I took off his personal blog/site/no one cares.
I am looking forward to coming back and calling games. I am scheduled to return to the Mike and Mike radio show on February 4 and then I will cover the Duke-North Carolina game on February 6.
For the record, I am so proud baby! That's right, I kept my mouth shut for almost four weeks. Now my wife Lorraine is off-duty from her role transcribing my handwriting. I will stop writing notes on the dry erase board now!

Oh we cant wait baby, I am sure your vocal cords are all rested up to make us all go crazy with your lines ending with Baby!

This is what Vitale had to say when I asked him about his return to the court.

Me: So Dukey V, how do you feel finally coming back after your vocal cord surgery?
Dukey V: Its awesome Baby with a capital A. Its UNC and Duke, it doesn't get any better than this Baby! I am in love Baby! I think I need to change my depends Baby!
Me: Yeah, I think you do need to change your depends, I'm outta here.

This site hurts my eyes, ears, and emotions.
This one on the other hand doesn't.