Thursday, October 4, 2007

College Football games of the week...

This week college football has make or break games. Lets get it started off...

Thursday Night
#8 Kentucky Vs # 11 South Carolina
This is a good game to get the weekend started off as Andre' Woodson continues his quest for the heisman trophy. The old ball coach has his (game)COCKS ready for action tonight but I dont think its going to be enough. Kentucky is out to prove that they are not a fluke and woodson does the Heisman on dat hoe tonight!! My pick Kentucky 27-21. Jon, who you got in this one? I got South Carolina in this. They are at home and its Spurrier. You cant go wrong. We will have to see about that one, tune into ESPN gametime 7:30pm


#9 Florida vs #1 LSU
This game is hyped, its LSU at night, Tebow coming to town, Gators season on the line. This is what college football is all about. Ive got to take the home team in this one, LSU will win a very close game that might go to overtime. Im livin on the BAYOU!! Jon: Im gonna take UF in this one. Tim Tebow who is not greater than grothe will step up following the loss and lead the gators to the win and shake things up in the BCS race. Urban Meyer's boys will win with Percy Harvin having a helluva game. Game time 8pm
On a side note of this game, im sure this classic SEC matchup will generate some good poon of the sec material!

#10 Oklahoma vs #19 Texas
I think this is going to be a high scoring game but not even a contest. Oklahoma rolls over texas easily in this one. I think Colt McCoy if he even plays will blow the game like always. Texas is starting their free fall. Jon: I agree, Oklahoma will win this one. They are coached better and have a better QB Bradford>McCoy.
Game time 3:30pm

*Bullievablesports Game of the Week*
#20 Cincinnati vs #21 Rutgers
This is a huge Big East matchup. Rutgers is out to rebound after last weeks loss to Maryland and Cincy is trying to stay unbeaten. We both agree here that we would love to see Cincinnati win this game at Rutgers but think that Ray Rice will take over the game and win this one for Rutgers. If Cincinnati can pull off the W it will be a huge boost for their program. Game time 8PM

Upset alert, Illinois over #5 Wisconsin

Our #6 USF Bulls will be traveling to FAU this weekend to take on the owls. I am traveling to the game but will get to a tv asap to see the rest of these games. Go BUlls! Go Green!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

MLB Payoff Picture

MLB Playoffs is all about defense and oh yeah pitching. So with that being said, lets take a look at the playoff picture...

Angels vs Red Sox This series is all about the pitching for the sox which will open the series with one of the best clutch pitchers ever, Josh Beckett. They will then pitch Dice K, then Schilling. Wakefield got left off their roster which is bullsh** but whatever. I dont think the angels can keep up with this rotation the sox will throw at them. This is scheduled 5 game series, but I say the Red Sox win in 4. Easily. BTW red sox fans, this is the guy who is going to close out the games for you and take you to the promise be reaching for some beer too.

Indians vs Yankees Unless C.C Sabathia can pitch every inning in this series, the yanks will win in 4 games. A-rod shows us why he is the MVP and leads them to a victory setting up the much wanted matchup with the Red Sox. Wow this is going to get wild.

Rockies vs Phillies This is the most interesting series to me. The rockies are coming off a big wave but so are the phillies. The phillies have a lot of offense and so do the rockies. I think this is going to be the highest scoring series in the playoffs. Im taking the phillies in 5 games, but its going to be close.

Cubs vs Diamondbacks Its Lou Pinella time!! Lou and his cubbies set the series off with a big win against Brandon Webb in game 1. Diamondbacks do have one of the best bullpens so it will stay interesting but the game one win for the cubs leads them to a 5 game series and a date with the phillies. Steve Bartman will not get in the way this time!!

Does anyone want to take a roundhouse to the face when he's wearing that headband? Didn't think so.

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OK this guy has wayyyyyyyy to much energy for me right now.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

So I wonder who was looking ahead to next week

So in my opinion this weekend of college football was suppose to be one the worst match ups on paper and there were numerous games that were 17+ point spreads and yeah just look at the picture above and it tells you that WOW 6 of the top 13 teams lost. 6!?!?!?! Only 2 of those teams lost to teams at game time who were ranked in the top 25 (Oregon 11 losing to Cal 6 and West Virginia 5 losing to USF 18) All I can say is I can't wait to see the new polls coming out today and see where everyone is ranked...especially my Bulls who may find themselves in the top 10 for the first time in school history. Also I don't know what it means but I can think of only one school in FL that has beaten Auburn this year but we won't say who :)