Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bowl game bound!!!!!

Less than one week after the Bulls announce they will be heading to El Paso your two favorite bloggers have decided they will run with the Bulls to Texas and enjoy seeing some Pac-10 team feel the horns!!!! More details to come when they are known keep reading we'll be sure to let you know

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A booming economy and a market crash...

This week we are starting a new weekly post on whose stock is soaring and whose stock is well, in the pits. Look for this post to be out every Thursday. Can you deal with that!!

Booming Economies:
Brett Favre, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers is having without a doubt one of the best seasons of his career. He has the packers at 10-1 and a date with the Dallas Cowboys tonight. This could very well be a preview of the NFC championship game. The wonderless arm of Favre is sure to put on a show tonight, win or lose he will play big.

Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins pitcher has like 5 teams fighting over him including all of the teams who aren't afraid to spend some dolla dolla billz. He is in position to be gettin paid like 130 million paid. His stock is as high as is will get. Although he didn't have as good a year last year as his previous two, he is still the best LHP in the AL.

Lebron James, the high flying superstar who appears in our banner is having MVP numbers this season. He eats breaths, and sleeps triple doubles. He gets drunk off of throwing down dunks over dudes and he is still so young. He is making every fantasy owner have wet dreams about the possibilities of a fantasy championship trophy. Lebron is setting the market.

Missouri Tigers Football team, right now they are #1 in the land and are on pace to play in the national championship game...but that's why they are booming right now. They could very easily have a market crash if they lose to Oklahoma this Saturday. It was a quick stay atop the polls! Sell Sell Sell

Dwight Howard, the king of the centers right now, he is young, fresh, and dunkin over bitches every night. Kevin Durant said he is the most dominate player in the NBA. The only word to describe Dwight is waytoobigforyou.

And those going down like kamikaze pilots:
Charlie Weis has his Notre dame fighting Irish on the verge of...nothing. Weis has spent most of his season eating instead of coaching his football team to victories. I will give him this, they are a very young team and this is a rebuilding year but we didn't need to rebuild an entire empire, it has taken way too long. Sorry Charlie, I think Notre Dame needs to bring back that sweet talkin Lou Holtz!

The Hibachi, aka Gilbert Arenas went down earlier this month with another knee injury. He battled the entire offseason with knee surgeries and he has been put in the garage for another 3 months...or more. Fantasy owners are having nightmares of Gilbert on their team.

Barry Bonds is sweating like he is going on trial. Oh wait he is going on trial and most likely prison. There isn't much to say about this because we all had wayyy too much of this story from ESPN but Bonds is clearly a market that's crashing.

The New York Jets, The play Miami this week so how could they be a market crash? They are the underdogs to a team that hasn't won a game all year!! That's right, the dolphins are favored in the game. Unbullievable.

Bobby Knight, has himself in the headlines again, and its not good either. On a recent hunting trip, Coach Knight was on video arguing with another man about shooting pellets into the mans home and pool. Coach Knight claimed that he didn't shoot anywhere near the guy. C'mon Bobby, go back to Knight school. See the video below ====>>>

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As of 5:30 am on November 27, 2007 the NFL lost one of its great young stars at the safety position. On a personal level I'm sadden by this because I used to watch him all the time at DA U its a short post but I leave you with this highlight reel of him...he was a bad man....

Monday, November 26, 2007

He's Back!!!

Play this video while reading this post

Ricky Williams aka sticky icky ricky is back in action tonight for the Miami winless Dolphins. This is a last ditch effort if you will for the Dolphins. They are so terrible the figure why not. They have had injuries, shitty coaching, and ownership. Why not take your chance with a live grenade in hand right? If Ricky can somehow pull off a victory for them this season, you can guarantee it will follow with a suspension from roger godell for excessive marijuana in system. Get ya bong popcorn ready, its the Ricky show tonight on Monday Night Football.


Ok I know this video is a little old but im sure some of you have never seen it. The high school girl breaks her leg just before the finish line, tries to stand up and then crawls to the finish line. Total dedication. Her legs did seem a little slender so maybe she should think about putting some meat on before she runs again, well at least Manute Bol would be proud of her.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yes WVU fans, all your hotel rooms in Louisiana will come with couches!!

This years college football was crazy, in a good way. The traditional favorites got to see what the future is going to look like, the teams that are going to be there from now on. West Virginia has been riding a winning streak since losing to my South Florida Bulls in September. They are 10-1 and have only Pitt left to play in the backyard brawl next weekend. Lets just say that pitt. isn't very good right now and WVU fans have already called for rooms in New Orleans. They win and they are in, and I'm sure there will be couches a burnin'. To tell you the truth after thinking about it,Im not upset about this. West Virginia is a very good team and they have so much talent on offense its scary. Who will they be playing? My guess is Mizzou as long as they take care of Oklahoma this weekend. If not, it looks like Ohio State might weezle their way in. That's all I'm going to say about that. Next Sunday night during the selection show it will all come into focus. Until then, fucus your eyes on these hot WVU cheerleaders...