Friday, October 2, 2009

Mortal Locks...bullieve it or not

Saturday's picks

LSU +3 over Georgia. Look dawg fans, you don't have Moreno and you don't have Stafford. You do have a Cox. I can't believe LSU is getting points! Mortal Lock

South Florida -7 over Cuse' haha this has to be a typo right. The bulls defense is giving up just 6.25 points per game this season. Syracuse doesn't score more than 13 in this one. We score at least 27.

Miami +7 over Oklahoma. Look earlier in the week I would have taken Oklahoma over Miami especially the way the Canes looked against VT. But then I got word that Sam Bradford isn't going to play and that changed things completely around. Miami wins at home.

USC -5 over Cal. I just think USC had its one loss and won't have another. Cal looks overrated at pun intended Jahvid.


Buffalo -2 over miami. This is easy. Miami just lost their QB and their mascot it still a dolphin. GO Flipper!

Baltimore +3 over New England. No question about it, the Ravens are the best team right now.

New York Jets +7 over New Orleans. J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! The Mark Dirty Sanchez led team will play well enough to be in it until the end. Im not saying the win outright, but they cover.

Chargers +7 over Pittsburgh. The steelers look terrible without defense stud Troy Polamalu. I think that Philip Rivers will pass the lights right out of the stadium.

Wild card pick of the weekend: Detroit +10 over Chicago. Yeah, I said it. You just read it.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

We're Back!

It has been 1 year,1 month, and 2 days since Bullievable sports has been working. But guess what...we're back bitches!! Can you believe the last time we posted on here, USF was just getting ready to start a new season. Well I will give you the readers digest. We got off to another great start, choked it down the stretch, went to the magic jack (what the hell is magic jack anyways) bowl and dominated Memphis. Typical over the last few years. This year the expectations are the same, win the Big East Title. Well through the first three games it was looking great, smooth sailing and a 59-0 win over Charleston southern. then tragedy struck. The man who had been the face of our program for the last 4 years went down and screamed while grabbing his knee. We knew the worst had happened. Matt Grothe was done for the year and his career at USF was over 3 games into his senior season with a torn ACL. Let the downward spiral begin right? NOPE. Enter BJ Daniels. The freshman came in and stole the show. He finished off the CS game and then set his sights on in state foe, FSU or I like fswho. Although I can't dog them too much because the town has lots of these. A stellar performance and the 12,000 USF fans left Doak Campbell Stadium chanting BJ Daniels, BJ Daniels, BJ Daniels. 17-7 win. His game is good and he looks like a perfect college QB. We should be excited bullies! It appears that USF has the flair it had back in 2007. I was there to see every game then and I will be there to see every game now. Call me crazy but this season feels very similar to 2007. first big test in 07 road game @ Auburn. Tough SEC team. This year road game @ fswho. both teams were ranked around 18 and the bulls unranked. After a bulls victory, we were still shafted by the polls and unranked the next week. Then just a few weeks later we became ranked and beat West Virginia, a top 10 team. This year the schedule is setting up for the same scenario. But with a different team. Cincinnati. They are ranked 10 right now but by October 15th, they should be 7,8, or 9 and USF in the top 25. It seems like 2009 could be just like 2007 when we got as high as #2 in the nation and gained lots of attention. This year however, we are poised to cap off a great season and take home the Big East Title. This is the year Bulls fans. Welcome back to bullievable sports and get ready for one wild ride.

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Friday, August 29, 2008

Can you feel it?!

Thats right folks after MONTHS of being off the Bulls are back as are we! This weekend starts a new season for the Bulls and new trends for myself and B-staff we are going to be doing the best damn job we can to bring you guys all the news from the Bulls and around the sporting world so Like the side says grab that week old cold pizza and get ready for THE greatest time of year COLLEGE FOOTBALL!!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Go read my post about SERGIO! over at the carnival and for your viewing pleasure, Jessica.

Monday, April 28, 2008


Im not exactly sure what im watching here...and whats up with that kid asking the question with those goggles on in the dark?