Thursday, December 27, 2007

The champ has spoken

Reacting to Philip Rivers trash talking at the Broncos-Chargers Game Monday night, Denver corner back Champ Bailey has made a rebuttal...
"And I don't really care for [Phillip Rivers], first of all. He's not a respectable guy right now because you talk too much trash and do this and that, but you're really not a great player in this league right now."

I have to agree with ya Champ. I don't think Rivers has had that good a season to be running his mouth. He has been riding the coattails of LT all season. If anyone on the chargers needs to stay quiet its Philip Rivers. He is way too young in the league to be respected.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Grinch stole my spare time

So since its Christmas I figured I would inform you all that the Grinch has stolen all of my spare time which has not allowed me to do post in a few days. The holiday shopping/working/hanging out with friends getting drunk has taken its toll. We will be back full swing once Christmas is over. Oh and were off to El Paso Texas next Saturday for a couple days. Post from there fo sho. To leave you with something today we have song and slut. OK well at least its a Christmas slut. Check out more of her here link is NSFW

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I had to do it

Ok, how can I have a post with Jessica Simpson in it without having a photo gallery? I CAN'T!!! Here are some of her best looks...

T.O. doesn't like hot blondes

Terrel Owens had a little something to say about Jessica Simpson being at their game sunday to watch his QB Tony Romo.
"Right now, Jessica Simpson is not a fan favorite - in this locker room or in Texas Stadium," Owens said Wednesday

Oh no he didn't. T.O. just told the best thing since sliced bread she can't watch them play? Yeah folks, he did and he may have a point.
"With everything that has happened, obviously with the way Tony played and the comparison between her and Carrie Underwood, I think a lot of people feel she has taken his focus away," Owens said, echoing the chatter on sports-talk radio and blogs. "Other than that, she was high on my list until last week"

Now Jessica, you did look great in your pink Romo jersey (I mean really great) but the press is going to create some bad vibes out of it so its just best that you stay away. We all know that there is no reason why you can't go, but the media is going to blow it way out of proportion. By the way, I love what T.O. had to say last, "Oh, I got a message for her when we make the playoffs. Just stay tuned."
I have a feeling T.O. may stir up something, just a thought.

P.S. you can come watch me play in my intramural flag games anytime you want Jessica.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's Awesome Baby!!

Dicky V aka Dukey V with a Capital K is sitting out for a while. I guess all that yelling and dumb shit he says finally took its toll:
"Dr. Zeitels serves as the director for the Center for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Rehabilitation at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. After an examination, it was determined that I had lesions on my left vocal cord and that they should be surgically removed. Dr. Zeitels said his goal is to have me back sitting at courtside in early February"

That's OK, Dukey V take your time, we wouldn't want you to rush back or anything.
With Leather has an interesting take on this
Also check out one of my favorite sites...

For all you FSU "fans"

It was brought to my attention the other night by a fan who knows very little that FSU is better and could beat USF. After thinking it over he was right!! FSU is much better... at cheating than USF is!! 20 Florida State Football players will be suspended for cheating on an Internet based course. No you don't say, no way could that happen.

"As many as 20 Florida State football players will be suspended from playing against Kentucky in the Dec. 31 Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl, as well as the first three games of the 2008 season, for their roles in an alleged cheating scandal involving an Internet-based course, a source with knowledge of the situation said Tuesday morning."
This is another sign that Bobby Bowden is just there to collect his paycheck and recruit more criminals. He has no control over his team anymore. Bobby Bowden is without a doubt one of the best coaches of all time and I don't think this is his fault but its his time to leave.

So thanks for bringing this up to me Freddy, giving me some bulletin board material. There is no fuckin way Florida State could beat South Florida right now. They should just go back to the all girl school they once were, things just were better back then.

So enough is enough...

I can say nothing except just watch this video...

Toy Soulja boy

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

So I still don't know what to think

So I gave it a few days to sink in that its no longer just Barry Bonds as the cover boy of the "Steroid Era" of baseball and to be honest it kinda sucks. While growing up in Massachusetts you especially in the late 80's early 90's you learned to love the Rocket and I did but then when the sox's said that he had hit his twilight of his career and let him go to a division opponent it was crushing for a young fan and then he came out and was better than ever damn was that ever a mistake. Then the Evil Empire comes a swoops him up I said thats it we are in trouble he finally gets his ring even though its with the damn Yankees I kinda was happy for him kinda....well he leaves and goes to H-town and I'm absolutely amazed that hes still going but he does have a rigorous work out we thought in the Mitchell Report his name was pretty much the key he and Miggy were the biggest shockers for my self. This report has changed baseball it came out with an all-star in each position. We will see how Bud Selig handles this. I don't know whats going to happen with this I guess I'll have to wait just like everyone else.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Did you realize you were a Champion in their eyes?

Well here we go if this season went the way of a play off I really think that LSU's D would carry them and the statement speed kills would bring WVU to the championship game. This game would come down to if Pat White would be able to slice and dice through the Bayou Bangles defense or if this D can take a page out of the South Florida Bulls book(come on did you think that I would do a whole college football series of posts and not mention my Bulls?) The way I look at it this is "the big game" the one that Pat White some how some reason gets hurt and The Mountaineers go down hill back up QB Jarrett Brow hasn't had to play a D this tough all year and I think that WR Early Doucet has a big game. LSU is your national Champs and now its time for Les Miles to Jump to Michigan.

CONGRATS to the TIGERS OF LSU for winning the First ever Bullievable Sports playoffs!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Round 2 baby!!!!

So its down to the final 4 I've decided that espn copied me with their playoff system challenge thingy but thats ok lets just get this started

4. USC Vs. 2 LSU----WOW could this game have any more pro potential? This is just an unstoppable force vs. the immovable object. That SC offense vs the bayou bangles D. Honestly I'm not gonna lie to you they may have lost 2 games in the regular season but damn they are undefeated in regulation games. When your only 2 loses are in triple overtime I think you deserve to be in the national Championship game especially in a year that we are having. So LSU wins this one

6. West Virginia Vs. 1 Ohio State-----Well Ohio State hmmmm well they seem to some find them selves 1 step away but as one of my favorite college football analyst says "Not so fast my friend" look what happened to OSU when they played Juice Williams he ran all over them now I think that Pat White is just a smidge better than Williams. If White can figure out how to play in a big game thats a wrap....we'll see ya it's done so I'm going to go with the upset here and take WVU where White puts them on his shoulders and carries them to the victory.

So there you have it WVU Vs LSU in the National Championship game

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What College football needs and Im going to give it to you right now....

Thats right a playoff system I'm going to break it down round by round for you now heres how myself and Bstaff decided to get the teamsin this playoff it is a 8 team tourney where we have the teams that won their respective BCS conference title so that gives you 6 and 2 at large teams who may surprise you. So the teams we are left with in order of seeding is: Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Va Tech, and West Virginia. Those are the conference champs now the 2 at large teams: Hawaii and Georgia. HAWAII?! are we crazy. No look they may have had a cupcake schedule but they went undefeated so why the hell not let them in and Georgia they are pretty much the best of the rest.

Now that you have a visual of the match lets break down each game.

1. Ohio State Vs. 8 Georgia: Well this comes down to the hottest team in the nation against the team who just slipped into the #1 seed. If you look at the loss that Ohio state had to Illinois they just didn't play well but if you look at the losses by this Georgia----they were early to South Carolina and Tennessee I just don't know if the hot streak can go on for the Dawgs I see THE Ohio State University winning this one

2. LSU Vs. 7. Hawaii: Hmmm Hawaii the only undefeated team in FBS can they really hang with the big boys especially I honestly think the best team in the nation in terms of rumors about your coach leaving....ooooopppps I mean in terms of talent. I don't think the distraction of Les Miles leaving(yes I said leaving he can hes not all he wants but I think hes going to Mich) will stop LSU from beating the Rainbow Warriors in a blow out to be honest.

6. West Virginia Vs. 5. Virginia Tech: Does speed still kill, can Pat White play in a big game, can Virginia Tech play in an entertaining game? These are just a few questions that I'm asking my self and to be honest I'm going to say yes yes and yes. Devine, Slaton, and White run ALL OVER this Hookie D and West Virginia wins a very close game on a game winning field goal set up by a very long return by Noel Devine.

4. USC Vs. 3. Oklahoma: Honestly this is the most intriguing game in my opinion if you would have given me all the teams in this tourney I could have seen these two playing it out in the championship game given the talent level this game is going to have just on USC's side alone. But wow its almost like a power vs speed and I don't know who I like but I think I like USC I just think John David Booty is just going to find a way to pick apart this defense.

Tomorrow we will look at the 2nd round match ups. But I'll leave you with the bracket to get a visual.

Remember Allison Stokke?

Well let me remind you then...

She is a high school pole vaulter (she may be in college now) who as you can tell by the picture looks ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing that is!!! I think I became instantly fallen when the stories about her first came out on some bloggers sites.

Well guess what? There is a new girl. Her name, Amanda Cicchini. She is a bit older, a junior in college at WVU and pretty good at soccer. This explains why West Virginias football team wasn't ready to play Pittsburgh, the players were way too busy checking her out in the athletic department the week of the game. What is it with hot athletes that gets us going? She is being called the 2007 version of stokke, quite a title to hold. Amanda clearly deserves the title of the next Allsion Stokke. Not taking anything away from you miss Stokke, you still have my heart.

You cant spell Miles without a capital M

Just like M as in Michigan. Les Miles just wont let them out of his mind. Les, I have some advice for ya. If you really want it, quit beating around the bush my friend, go after it. You are only making the situation worse on yourself and the schools involved. Les Miles is becoming the biggest Cock tease in the country. Just reported was that Miles was in Ann Arbor to talk with them about the coaching vacancy at Michigan. Then he said he was only there helping them find a coach...right. Like he doesn't have anything better to do (like recruit of get ready for the BCS national Championship game he and his team are playing in.)
Les Miles is a great coach don't get me wrong, but there is something about him that just doesn't seem perfect. I don't know if its his arrogance or what. I think he just likes looking like an ass on TV. ESPN is starting to treat this Michigan job like its the Michael Vick case or the Barry Bonds issues and im starting to treat this like I dont care.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The BCS...Its wild and Crazy Kids

This college football season was extremely wild. So wild that picking this years BCS Bowl Games will be difficult beyond belief. Here is our preview of whats in store...well at least what I think.

Rose Bowl: Illinois vs USC
I think all the "Juice" is squeezed out of Ron Zooks boys in this game. Frankly I don't know how they made it here. USC is a much better team than Illinois and they know it. Illinois is no where near fast enough to keep up with USC. I hope they prove me wrong and make me eat this but I dont see it happening. USC will win big.

Sugar Bowl: Hawaii vs. Georgia
This is Hawaii's chance to say we are co national champs. Please don't let that happen UGA. Colt Brennan is good. How good, im not sure. He plays Div. I football yes, but he is also playing some weak schools to say the least. There is probably more talent on the intramural fields than what he sees. UGA is playing hard and in my opinion got screwed out of a National Title chance. They have a running back thats going to make Hawaii say "how long till we get to fly back to our island?"

Fiesta Bowl: West Virginia vs Oklahoma
This is without a doubt the best matchup of the BCS games. I got to watch WVU play in person this year so I saw their speed live. They are very fast, especially if you let them hit the corner. I dont know much about Oklahoma's defense but I will say this, if they dont force WVU to the inside, they are in for one long night. Pat White probably wont play because we all know this is a big game and he doesn't like to play in them. Steve Slaton and Noel Devine will show Oklahoma the door.

Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs Kansas
I am not excited about this game at all. I don't get excited about VT football or Kansas and Fat Mangino. I don't think this game is exciting at all. It would not surprise me if Kansas won. That's just the feeling I get. They are kinda flying low, you know under the radar a bit.

BCS Title Game: Ohio State vs. LSU
When all the smoke cleared, this is what was left standing at the top. Ohio State who did go 11-1 with a not so tough schedule goes against LSU @ 11-2 or whatever their record is. Both their losses coming in overtime. I thought that LSU was the best team throughout the season but they didn't deserve to play for the national title after their loss to Arkansas. I think that as far as the game goes it will be close. Closer than last years title game between Ohio State and Florida. I like Beanie Wells for OSU. He is a hard pounding runner. I like the gutsy play calling for LSU. I am going to watch this game but I have my hands in the air for who will win. I really don't know. I will say LSU but since no one is giving OSU a shot, look out. They could very easily win it.

Friday, December 7, 2007

20 years from now, the madness will still happen

Much like in 20 years from now, I still will think Mercury Morris is a douche bag, the soulja boy fad will still be nuts. Im pretty sure that the Soulja Boy crank dat madness is never ending. Here is the latest fad, well I think its the latest. Enjoy.

Crank That Kosha Boy

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Giving him the business..

This dude gets flagged for "Giving Him The Business" and yes thats a personal foul bro.

Spotlight on...

We have been getting really bad with the spotlight on post so im bringing it back this week. Sorry, times have just been so busy. You have all got to understand, were just livin the college life here!! This trip takes us up to the state of North Carolina and the UNC tarheel country...

Located at Chapel Hill, the University of North Carolina is one of the oldest schools you will find. (Est. in 1789)North Carolina is one of the best looking campus you will ever find. Most of the buildings are brick and the foliage is amazing. ok enough with that stuff. They are big into baby blue, Michael Jordan, and college basketball. With almost 20,000 undergrads its not too big but big enough to have a huge fan base and following. They are one of the top basketball teams year in year out. (makes me mad seeing as I am a Maryland fan) Every game in the Dean Smith center is exciting. There other athletic programs are nothing to shake a stick at either. As a member of the ACC conference, they usually hold their own. Here is a list of their most notable sports alumni:
include Michael Jordan, Mia Hamm, Davis Love III, Eddie Pope, Roy Williams, B.J. Surhoff, Kristine Lilly, Jeff Reed, Andrew Miller, Daniel Bard, Marion Jones, Ivory Latta, Lawrence Taylor, Julius Peppers, Alge Crumpler, Willie Parker , Brian Simmons, Rasheed Wallace, Vince Carter, Nick Monroe, Antwan Jamison, Shalane Flanagan, and Dré Bly. Sounds like a group of winners, well except for Marion Jones and her steroids.
One of the biggest traditions on the campus is on Halloween. Students from all other school in North Carolina come to the UNC campus to fill the streets for partying. They estimate that 80,000 students are there annually.
Somehow while searching the history of UNC, I came across some of their hottest ladies...hmm how did that happen.

Soulja Boy loves that Piggly wiggly

Thanks to our friends at MoreCredible, I was reminded of the Soulja Boy craze that I thought had passed. So in an effort to find a new video on him, I came across this. You gotta love the Piggly Wiggly parking lot pimpin and at the end of the video the quick "act cool like we were not doing anything" move when they see the cops.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Miss California not pretty enough, forced to give crown back

Miss California or Miss ex California was forced to give her Burger King crown back so the rightful winner could be crowned. Much like the presidential voting a few years ago, there were chads in the ballots and accounting errors. Christina Silva who originally won the crown before realizing that she wasn't slutty enough to have it is considering her legal options. I have a legal option for ya, cry about it. Raquel Beezley, 21 was the supposed rightful winner of the crown after the chads were examined and now she will represent California in the Miss USA pageant contest next April. Bla Bla Bla. You bored yet? good me 2.
The best thing I got for ya is a picture of Raquel...

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

the best named machine in sports goes up in flames...

The Zamboni, a machine used to clean the ice on hockey floors is by far the coolest name for a piece of equipment. Whats not so cool is that this zamboni on fire!!

I am no zamboni operator but I think thats not the proper use for one.

WWW (who would win?)

OK this is a new post and its kinda a trial and error thing. We are going to come up with some good fight matchups and see who would win.

Fat Mangino or Fat Bastard or Fat Charlie? This is a helluva heavy weight battle, probably one that is off the charts. I think Charlie Weis is the first to give up the fight and run stroll to McDonald's. Now Mangino and Bastard go at it and Mangino wins the battle on a Fat Bastard cheap shot. Damn that Mangino!

Next up is a battle of Tampa Bay area Coaches: Jon Gruden vs Jim Leavitt
look at the battle stances both of these fighters take. They are premier jujutsu fighters. Chucky is tough but leavitt bangs his head on walls so he would win this crazy battle.

Now the main event, we have in the red corner weighing in at 1278 pounds The Adams family! and in the blue corner weighing in at 438 pounds the Roloff family from the show little people, big world.
This fight would come down to two things, one the Roloffs would have their game faces on and two the dad would use his ninja crutch to kick some ass!! Gotta love the Roloffs!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Yep, Dwight Howard will block your shit

I am watching the Golden State Warriors play(well try to play) the Orlando Magic right now and one thing sticks out in the game. Dwight Howard is wayyyyyy bigger that them. Like he almost looks out of place out there. Kinda like Peyton Manning at a strip club outta place. Dwight Howard already has rebounds gallore and blocks a many. I love having him on my fantasy team, its nice, kinda like warm apple pie nice. Orlando needs to keep this season going and they will find themselves in eastern conference finals. (btw this blogsite is known to jink people/teams so now im scared)

*in other news Brian Billick just blew kisses to Rodney Harrison in the pats ravens game, I'm sure there will be a video on some blog site shortly. It was pretty funny.

And in other other news, we will be getting off our lazy asses and writing more blogs for all of you readers!!!! Until then, forgive us and look at the lovely Marissa Miller....

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Keep your head on a swivel kid

Slam Dunk Close Call

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This video is somewhat scary. I flinched a little when I watched it because he was that close to head coming off its swivel. Before the video gets going you can notice that the backboard looks about as steady as Tony LaRusa on his DUI video.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Bowl game bound!!!!!

Less than one week after the Bulls announce they will be heading to El Paso your two favorite bloggers have decided they will run with the Bulls to Texas and enjoy seeing some Pac-10 team feel the horns!!!! More details to come when they are known keep reading we'll be sure to let you know

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A booming economy and a market crash...

This week we are starting a new weekly post on whose stock is soaring and whose stock is well, in the pits. Look for this post to be out every Thursday. Can you deal with that!!

Booming Economies:
Brett Favre, the quarterback of the Green Bay Packers is having without a doubt one of the best seasons of his career. He has the packers at 10-1 and a date with the Dallas Cowboys tonight. This could very well be a preview of the NFC championship game. The wonderless arm of Favre is sure to put on a show tonight, win or lose he will play big.

Johan Santana, Minnesota Twins pitcher has like 5 teams fighting over him including all of the teams who aren't afraid to spend some dolla dolla billz. He is in position to be gettin paid like 130 million paid. His stock is as high as is will get. Although he didn't have as good a year last year as his previous two, he is still the best LHP in the AL.

Lebron James, the high flying superstar who appears in our banner is having MVP numbers this season. He eats breaths, and sleeps triple doubles. He gets drunk off of throwing down dunks over dudes and he is still so young. He is making every fantasy owner have wet dreams about the possibilities of a fantasy championship trophy. Lebron is setting the market.

Missouri Tigers Football team, right now they are #1 in the land and are on pace to play in the national championship game...but that's why they are booming right now. They could very easily have a market crash if they lose to Oklahoma this Saturday. It was a quick stay atop the polls! Sell Sell Sell

Dwight Howard, the king of the centers right now, he is young, fresh, and dunkin over bitches every night. Kevin Durant said he is the most dominate player in the NBA. The only word to describe Dwight is waytoobigforyou.

And those going down like kamikaze pilots:
Charlie Weis has his Notre dame fighting Irish on the verge of...nothing. Weis has spent most of his season eating instead of coaching his football team to victories. I will give him this, they are a very young team and this is a rebuilding year but we didn't need to rebuild an entire empire, it has taken way too long. Sorry Charlie, I think Notre Dame needs to bring back that sweet talkin Lou Holtz!

The Hibachi, aka Gilbert Arenas went down earlier this month with another knee injury. He battled the entire offseason with knee surgeries and he has been put in the garage for another 3 months...or more. Fantasy owners are having nightmares of Gilbert on their team.

Barry Bonds is sweating like he is going on trial. Oh wait he is going on trial and most likely prison. There isn't much to say about this because we all had wayyy too much of this story from ESPN but Bonds is clearly a market that's crashing.

The New York Jets, The play Miami this week so how could they be a market crash? They are the underdogs to a team that hasn't won a game all year!! That's right, the dolphins are favored in the game. Unbullievable.

Bobby Knight, has himself in the headlines again, and its not good either. On a recent hunting trip, Coach Knight was on video arguing with another man about shooting pellets into the mans home and pool. Coach Knight claimed that he didn't shoot anywhere near the guy. C'mon Bobby, go back to Knight school. See the video below ====>>>

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


As of 5:30 am on November 27, 2007 the NFL lost one of its great young stars at the safety position. On a personal level I'm sadden by this because I used to watch him all the time at DA U its a short post but I leave you with this highlight reel of him...he was a bad man....

Monday, November 26, 2007

He's Back!!!

Play this video while reading this post

Ricky Williams aka sticky icky ricky is back in action tonight for the Miami winless Dolphins. This is a last ditch effort if you will for the Dolphins. They are so terrible the figure why not. They have had injuries, shitty coaching, and ownership. Why not take your chance with a live grenade in hand right? If Ricky can somehow pull off a victory for them this season, you can guarantee it will follow with a suspension from roger godell for excessive marijuana in system. Get ya bong popcorn ready, its the Ricky show tonight on Monday Night Football.


Ok I know this video is a little old but im sure some of you have never seen it. The high school girl breaks her leg just before the finish line, tries to stand up and then crawls to the finish line. Total dedication. Her legs did seem a little slender so maybe she should think about putting some meat on before she runs again, well at least Manute Bol would be proud of her.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Yes WVU fans, all your hotel rooms in Louisiana will come with couches!!

This years college football was crazy, in a good way. The traditional favorites got to see what the future is going to look like, the teams that are going to be there from now on. West Virginia has been riding a winning streak since losing to my South Florida Bulls in September. They are 10-1 and have only Pitt left to play in the backyard brawl next weekend. Lets just say that pitt. isn't very good right now and WVU fans have already called for rooms in New Orleans. They win and they are in, and I'm sure there will be couches a burnin'. To tell you the truth after thinking about it,Im not upset about this. West Virginia is a very good team and they have so much talent on offense its scary. Who will they be playing? My guess is Mizzou as long as they take care of Oklahoma this weekend. If not, it looks like Ohio State might weezle their way in. That's all I'm going to say about that. Next Sunday night during the selection show it will all come into focus. Until then, fucus your eyes on these hot WVU cheerleaders...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

We had one helluva run bulls fans

Feel free to listen to this song as you read this post.

I will take some time out of my day to thank all of the USF fans, coaches, and players for a wild ride this year. Today we played our final regular season game and won 48-37 over Pitt. It was a season of streaks, won 6, lost 3, won 3. Final record 9-3 and ranked. This was a tremendous season for the very young bulls as we made our stake in the national spotlight. We became ranked for the first time this season and went as far as #2 in the nation. We beat West Virginia who might very well be this years national Champs(they are currently whoopin Uconn for the big east title game). We had a great win over Auburn on the road. We stuck it out most importantly. Now USF must come back to Tampa and play the waiting game to see which Bowl we end up at. I know I'm looking ahead but I know that USF will add to its list of achievements next season, we have a team full of young players including a handful of sophomore sensations. Thanks for all the support this year Bulls.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Turkey day!!!

Hey loyal readers just wanted to throw out a happy Thanksgiving to all you from myself and B-staff. Hopefully your at home enjoying some Turkey and football with family or at work....oh wait thats just me. But everyone enjoy your food and football.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Brown Paper Bag...

Daft Bodies - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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These don't seem like the girls you need to put something over there head and I don't know whats going on here but I kinda am diggin it. The Kanye west remix to stronger?

More to this story

OK I just couldn't stop there with the leak frog thing. The frogs got to me, I had to know more. (Look at previous post) Well let me just tell you, I am now educated. OK on, there is a hilarious song about these leak frogs. Here is the official site for leak frogs... Here they have a commercial for them and more information. I told you the woot deal was good, they are selling them at their official site for 12.99. Each!!
Just Google the Leak Frog and you will be amazed.
This commercial for the Leak Frog is starts off boring but I love the effects when they show the leaks.

Look at that damn thing go, I can't get enough of it!!

Everyone Needs A....

fuckin Leak frog duh!! Please don't tell me you have one, don't be like that loser at school who's mom gave him a ham sandwich when everyone else had a PB&J with cookies. Or the kid who had their mom comb their hair for the school picture. WOW I can tell you are. These are very versatile items that can detect leaks in sinks, dishwashers, Tubs, vagina's, washing machines, pools, just about everything. The damn thing runs on 3 AAA batteries so it even has some power and with a few mods ladies it could prolly vibrate a little. It has a helluva alarm it says and don't worry, you wont lose it in a serious leaky situation because your frog will float in "deep puddles" so they claim. This is a must have for all human beings!
Just because I feel bad for you I'm going to let you in on a little secret where you can get yourself a pair of leak frogs and your in luck because its two for Tuesday's. Better order fast, these are hot items, WOOT!

Magglio Ordonez wins AL MVP!!!!

Magglio Ordonez aka Mags of the Detroit Tigers won this years AL MVP. He had 2 first place votes and...wait 2 first place votes? You mean he actually got votes for first place. That's got to be a win right? Well its a moral victory and that's all. Alex Rodriguez of the Yankees(why am I telling you this, if you don't know A-Rod, you couldn't tell me your left from right)won his 3rd MVP award. He walked away with it. Kinda like how O.J. tried to walk away with that sports memorabilia. A-Rod without a doubt is one of the best players of all time. He puts up numbers similar to those you would find in a video game or those in the lottery. If he could only do it in the playoffs he would go down as the best player of all time. Period. I think that if he stays with the Yankees which we all think he will, A-Rod will make it to 3 world series in the next 10 years. That's my number. In honor of the AL MVP award we were all anxiously waiting for.
I bring you this...

and this...