Saturday, December 15, 2007

Did you realize you were a Champion in their eyes?

Well here we go if this season went the way of a play off I really think that LSU's D would carry them and the statement speed kills would bring WVU to the championship game. This game would come down to if Pat White would be able to slice and dice through the Bayou Bangles defense or if this D can take a page out of the South Florida Bulls book(come on did you think that I would do a whole college football series of posts and not mention my Bulls?) The way I look at it this is "the big game" the one that Pat White some how some reason gets hurt and The Mountaineers go down hill back up QB Jarrett Brow hasn't had to play a D this tough all year and I think that WR Early Doucet has a big game. LSU is your national Champs and now its time for Les Miles to Jump to Michigan.

CONGRATS to the TIGERS OF LSU for winning the First ever Bullievable Sports playoffs!!!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Round 2 baby!!!!

So its down to the final 4 I've decided that espn copied me with their playoff system challenge thingy but thats ok lets just get this started

4. USC Vs. 2 LSU----WOW could this game have any more pro potential? This is just an unstoppable force vs. the immovable object. That SC offense vs the bayou bangles D. Honestly I'm not gonna lie to you they may have lost 2 games in the regular season but damn they are undefeated in regulation games. When your only 2 loses are in triple overtime I think you deserve to be in the national Championship game especially in a year that we are having. So LSU wins this one

6. West Virginia Vs. 1 Ohio State-----Well Ohio State hmmmm well they seem to some find them selves 1 step away but as one of my favorite college football analyst says "Not so fast my friend" look what happened to OSU when they played Juice Williams he ran all over them now I think that Pat White is just a smidge better than Williams. If White can figure out how to play in a big game thats a wrap....we'll see ya it's done so I'm going to go with the upset here and take WVU where White puts them on his shoulders and carries them to the victory.

So there you have it WVU Vs LSU in the National Championship game

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What College football needs and Im going to give it to you right now....

Thats right a playoff system I'm going to break it down round by round for you now heres how myself and Bstaff decided to get the teamsin this playoff it is a 8 team tourney where we have the teams that won their respective BCS conference title so that gives you 6 and 2 at large teams who may surprise you. So the teams we are left with in order of seeding is: Ohio State, LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Va Tech, and West Virginia. Those are the conference champs now the 2 at large teams: Hawaii and Georgia. HAWAII?! are we crazy. No look they may have had a cupcake schedule but they went undefeated so why the hell not let them in and Georgia they are pretty much the best of the rest.

Now that you have a visual of the match lets break down each game.

1. Ohio State Vs. 8 Georgia: Well this comes down to the hottest team in the nation against the team who just slipped into the #1 seed. If you look at the loss that Ohio state had to Illinois they just didn't play well but if you look at the losses by this Georgia----they were early to South Carolina and Tennessee I just don't know if the hot streak can go on for the Dawgs I see THE Ohio State University winning this one

2. LSU Vs. 7. Hawaii: Hmmm Hawaii the only undefeated team in FBS can they really hang with the big boys especially I honestly think the best team in the nation in terms of rumors about your coach leaving....ooooopppps I mean in terms of talent. I don't think the distraction of Les Miles leaving(yes I said leaving he can hes not all he wants but I think hes going to Mich) will stop LSU from beating the Rainbow Warriors in a blow out to be honest.

6. West Virginia Vs. 5. Virginia Tech: Does speed still kill, can Pat White play in a big game, can Virginia Tech play in an entertaining game? These are just a few questions that I'm asking my self and to be honest I'm going to say yes yes and yes. Devine, Slaton, and White run ALL OVER this Hookie D and West Virginia wins a very close game on a game winning field goal set up by a very long return by Noel Devine.

4. USC Vs. 3. Oklahoma: Honestly this is the most intriguing game in my opinion if you would have given me all the teams in this tourney I could have seen these two playing it out in the championship game given the talent level this game is going to have just on USC's side alone. But wow its almost like a power vs speed and I don't know who I like but I think I like USC I just think John David Booty is just going to find a way to pick apart this defense.

Tomorrow we will look at the 2nd round match ups. But I'll leave you with the bracket to get a visual.

Remember Allison Stokke?

Well let me remind you then...

She is a high school pole vaulter (she may be in college now) who as you can tell by the picture looks ridiculous. Ridiculously amazing that is!!! I think I became instantly fallen when the stories about her first came out on some bloggers sites.

Well guess what? There is a new girl. Her name, Amanda Cicchini. She is a bit older, a junior in college at WVU and pretty good at soccer. This explains why West Virginias football team wasn't ready to play Pittsburgh, the players were way too busy checking her out in the athletic department the week of the game. What is it with hot athletes that gets us going? She is being called the 2007 version of stokke, quite a title to hold. Amanda clearly deserves the title of the next Allsion Stokke. Not taking anything away from you miss Stokke, you still have my heart.

You cant spell Miles without a capital M

Just like M as in Michigan. Les Miles just wont let them out of his mind. Les, I have some advice for ya. If you really want it, quit beating around the bush my friend, go after it. You are only making the situation worse on yourself and the schools involved. Les Miles is becoming the biggest Cock tease in the country. Just reported was that Miles was in Ann Arbor to talk with them about the coaching vacancy at Michigan. Then he said he was only there helping them find a coach...right. Like he doesn't have anything better to do (like recruit of get ready for the BCS national Championship game he and his team are playing in.)
Les Miles is a great coach don't get me wrong, but there is something about him that just doesn't seem perfect. I don't know if its his arrogance or what. I think he just likes looking like an ass on TV. ESPN is starting to treat this Michigan job like its the Michael Vick case or the Barry Bonds issues and im starting to treat this like I dont care.