Friday, October 26, 2007

And the heisman goes to.....

So after last nights late performance I think it's safe to say that Matt Ryan of Boston College has won the award he lead his team back from down by 10 points and he threw two late scores(in the final 2 minutes of the game) and took his team from being shut out to be to the lead with 11 seconds left in the game. Huge for their ranking, even bigger for Ryans heisman run. But lets just hope he's ok at the end of this video you'll see him chest bumping Jeff Jagodzinski and was shown throwing up afterwards. Yack!

My favorite quote from the whole thing was LANE STADIUM GOES SILENTTTT.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Update From Leavitt-Town

Please listen to Champion by Kanye West while reading this post.

With almost a week removed from our game against Big East rival Rutgers, the USF Bulls and their family of fans have moved on. We are far from done as I know many wish we were. Last week, we suffered the hardest loss in our programs history. I know we probably complained about the officiating a little too much for ya, but you would have done the same had you been in our shoes. I was so glad to see the refs blow the Louisville UConn game Saturday, just so we all know the Big East refs suck...its not just us complaining.
This week we move on to play that same UCONN team that kinda "stole their victory" last Saturday. They are now ranked 23rd in the BCS polls which is exactly what USF needs. We needed the chance to beat another ranked opponent so it will make us look better. Dont get me wrong, I think UCONN is having a helluva season, but so are we. All the pieces will fall into place after our game on Saturday 3:30 ABC. If West Virginia beats Rutgers, and we beat UCONN, USF will once again control our own destiny. The destiny of being Big East Champs.
Our team is focused on the title and our coach "Future Coach of the Year" Jim Leavitt has them primed. We have plenty of talent that can take us very far this season and beyond. Our sophomore sensations are going to give us Kool-Aid smiles for a couple more years. Grothe will continue to rock the Grohawk, and USF will rise to the top again. To all my faithfull bulls fans out there, throw up your bull horns. USF couldn't need you more right now, this is the time to step up. Show our pride, this is BULLS COUNTRY!!

Booty Booty Booty Booty...(not) rockin everywhere!!!

That's right, I said it. Your beloved John David Booty, the QB for USC and the guy everyone said would win the Heisman trophy at the beginning of the season(why just because Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart did)should be benched. I think that Mark Sanchez, the backup gives them the best chances of winning. Now I know that he played Notre Dame last week and they are 1-7 but damn he looked good. Sanchez who got his chance after Booty broke a finger a few games back is 2-0 as their starter this season. He will have a tough test this week against Oregon Ducks if he gets the start. If USC goes with Sanchez over Booty, they will be better prepared. The folks at booties-4booty know who they want at QB. The love child David of course!!! In honor of this QB dilemma in southern cal, we bring to you some booties 4 all we need is a Sanchez for...Sanchez???

Alright fine...I know you twisted my arm to do this(yeah right) but I had to look up some USC song girl for ya since were talkin USC football here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Urban Dictionary is the new sesame street

I recently found urban dictionary. If you have not visited the site, please do. I know all of you have heard a lyric in a song and was like wtf did they just say? ie: Soulja Boy. In his song Crank Dat, he says things like superman dat hoe, etc. Here is the definition from urban dictionary:
1. super man dat hoe
The art of jerking off on a girls back while she sleeps. When she wakes up the sheets are stuck to her back like a Cape
Basically, it means keep your girl, or a girl in check.

Then they use the term in a sentence for you, just in case you no comprendo.
While that bitch fell asleep, shit i super man dat hoe or
dude, I saw her with steven, you best super man dat hoe

I love the face that there is a website dedicated to terms like this, because no one knows wtf they are talking about sometimes!! Urban Dictionary is like sesame street in the fact its educational. Its kinda like Big Bird showin kids the ropes to society. Urban Dictionary is the 21st century version of sesame street. Other songs to look up: lean like a cholo, songs by trick daddy, or those Houston Texas reppin' boys. In honor of Soulja Boy, we bring you none other the official crank dat dance/video:

This is a little weird...

I have never seen this before (or for the matter any of the videos that bradyfan83 does. (his name would be bradyfan.) Thanks to withleather for keeping up with this guy. We need to know if our kids are safe around him. With that being said, take a look at the video, I had to laugh watching it. WOW. Thanks again to withleather

Spotlight On...

Each week we will take a closer look at different schools, this week takes us out west to Tempe Arizona...Get crazy ASU!

This week we will take a look at Arizona State University aka the Sun Devils. It is located in Tempe Arizona and is HUGE...I'm talking 51.000 students big which makes it the second largest student university campus in the USA. The also have three other campuses to go with the main Tempe location. Many of their buildings on campus were designed by frank lloyd wright and from my architecture class I can tell you that's a big deal. Arizona State University's NCAA Division I Sun Devils compete in Baseball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Swimming/Diving, Tennis, Track, and Wrestling, while the women participate in Basketball, Cross Country, Golf, Gymnastics, Soccer, Softball, Swimming/Diving, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, and Water Polo. The have a total of 129 national championships as a school. That's very impressive ASU. The football team has also played pretty well winning a few rose bowls in the day. Currently they rank 4th in this years BCS polls. And oh yeah,they like to party there and they have some very nice ladies on campus...

Thanks to pac 10 poon for the lovely ladies of ASU