Thursday, February 7, 2008

Attention Bulls Fans:

Yesterday as we all know was nation signing day for high school seniors and Juco college players to make their selection of where they will be playing football next season. This years recruiting class for USF seems to be a good one.
Some of the standouts we acquired are 4 star QB BJ Daniels from Lincoln HS in Tally. He has a great arm and is a dual threat QB. This will be a good fit for USF. He can learn under current star QB Matt Grothe and also become a challenger to him in practice. Competition is a good thing. Grothe is the starter, don’t freak out people but with Daniels now at USF, we can all feel better about the second option. Another star player we landed was JUCO player David Bedford. The 6'5 240 Defensive end is one of the top DE in this year’s class, and he still has 3 years left...Saweet!! He is expected to be a player just like George Selvie and play opposite him on the D line. This is going to be scary with those two out there...opposing QB's get your icy hot ready. I have heard that they could be the best DE tandem in all of college football this year. Kion Wilson was another 4 star player USF landed to play linebacker. He also will have 3 years remaining and should turn out to be a threat to start his first year. All in all, this years class was good for USF. They went after positions we needed and Head Coach Jim Leavitt said "USF football will never be the same after this year."
Man football is great. I can’t wait for next season.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thats my penis

Just watch this video and you will understand...I couldn't stop laughing. I like how the cop says hes sorry about that. I am guessing that this guy got off the hook. He could have had cocaine and a car bomb and he will be walking a free man. Thanks to Barstool Sports for the find. Keep it up.

I have just woken from my hibernation...

The weekend kicked my ass. Then this school week has done the same. I had a test tonight that I have been studying for since Sunday. I have reading for classes, marketing research to do, and now I am playing on 2 intramural teams and playing 4 nights a week. There goes my free time. Wednesday’s and Thursdays are going to be my relax days with only one class each day. Yipee! Anyways, it seems like some interesting news is going on in the sports world since I came out of the dark cave that is my apartment.

Shaq might be leaving Miami? That’s what I hear. This is good news for any Miami Heat fan, let me tell you. He is over the hill and on a downward path toward retirement. Plus he takes up a lot of space with his salary. He brought you snow in Florida and a championship ring. He lived up to his hype...kinda, now its time to let the big daddy go. Now from the other teams perspective, why in the hell would the Phoenix Suns want to give Shaun Marion away for the diesel? I know Marion has the ugliest shot in league history but the guy in a Hugh Hefner kinda way. The Suns are known for their fast paced offense where they don’t stop running till they puke. Sounds like the perfect place for Shaq. And by perfect place I mean he would fit in better at a public library. Seriously, don't do this Suns, unless you want to turn into the Heat. My opinion of this, the trade won’t happen. Its just small talk. The suns cannot be that dumb.

Also dont forget that Duke Vitale makes his comeback tomorrow night, barf.
And Wednesday is National Signing day.