Friday, October 12, 2007

BullievableSports Weekend Picks

This weekend we will call "can you hang in there?" weekend. There are a few good games, but the top teams are playing should be wins, but can they all hang on?

#1 LSU vs. #17 Kentucky
The only reason I might give Kentucky a chance is because they are at home against LSU. Andre' Woodson is losing his heisman credibility and the cats are slippin. The loss to South Carolina makes me believe the #1 team in the land will steamroll Kentucky this weekend. The Defense will stand out in a whoopin in Lekington. Jon who ya got in this one? I think Andre woodson is good but ive got to go with the bayou!

#19 Wisconsin vs. Penn St.
For the second straight week, a ranked Wisconsin team will be the underdog against a non ranked opponent. I think Penn State is going to put up a fight and they probably will have a white out at home and I think its going to be just good enough to get by. Joe Pa flicks off some more old ladies and get another W on his resume.
Jon? Ive got Wisconsin in this contest. The will have a nice bounce back this weekend and not lose two in a row. PJ Hill runs wild.

#11 Missouri vs #6 Oklahoma
Oklahome is the favorite, they have Bradford at QB, They are at home, they win this one!Missouri is a good story but not in this one. Jon? Ive got Mizzou baby!! Chase Daniel out throws Bradford.

#22 Auburn vs Arkansas
Auburn is starting to heat up and they are getting some team chemistry going on but they have to stop run DMC (Darren McFadden) this week. I think they have what it takes to do that. Im taking Auburn on the road. Jon? I agree with ya. After we saw Auburn in person they have what it takes to shut down the run and they do it saturday!

Upset watch: North carolina over South Carolina

Over this??? Im not so sure about the girls but im sticking with the game outcome we predicted!!

The USF Bulls are taking on their I4 rivals this week UCF I will be at the game. Go Bulls! Go Green!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Desperate times call for....

VINNY TESTAVERDE??????????????????

According to the Carolina Panthers, the answer may be yes. Vinny who is older than dirt and is color blind, may get the start this weekend because Jake Delhomme is out for the season and David "I get sacked more that Chuck Norris girlfriend" Carr is also injured and may not be able to start. The former 1907 Heisman trophy winner is excited to take on the challenge . OK im kidding it was only 1986.

Vinny has played on just about every team in america and gets passed around worse than a porn star. The 43 year old says he is getting his body ready and is learning the playbook. Getting his body ready??!@@ Does he mean by getting his body ready getting a nice massage 30 times a day, taking his vitamins, and drinking 8 bottles of water...daily?

When Jake Delhomme went down with the elbow injury, so did their season. Not that they were doing great anyways, but their season is over. Steve Smith should just hang up the cleats, there isn't anyone to throw him the ball now. This is an obvious "last ditch effort" if you will, I think I should head out to the Panthers practice, I did have a pretty good flag football season at QB last year.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Picks From LeavittTownUSA

With Leather shows us there new favorite sport, and Im starting to think its my new favorite also!!

Deadspin shows that Evander Holyfield is about as dumb as an FSU student.

MoreCredible has a gator fan who looks like he came from Arcadia,FL.

Every Day Should Be Saturday has a road rage incident with Joe PA.

Spotlight on...

This is a new segment we will be blogging about. Each week, we will pick a different school and do a spotlight on, girls, campus life, etc. This week its on The University of Louisville aka "The Ville, U of L"

Louisville is located in Kentucky and is a member of the Big East Conference. Estavblished in 1798 makes it older than maknind! They enroll roughly 21,000 students but dont let the size fool ya, theres still plenty out there, if ya know what I mean. They have a cardinal for a mascot and love Red and Black. There sports teams are usually pretty god with the football team winning the big east title in 06 and the orange bowl in 07. That was then, this year, not so much. The Pap Smear was also invented here, just in case you were wondering! If your traveling to Louisville, it is good for a couple things, the kentucky derby, straw hats and farmers, and on the occasion girls with all their teeth. Here are a few of those kind...

You can find some NWFS pics of her on the net.

Thanks to big east poon for that one.